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Ready For An Elevated Style That’s Aligned With Your Next Phase In Life?

    Women come to me for help creating an elevated style for a few reasons. Either they feel lost and confused about what to wear. They want to upgrade their wardrobes. Or they struggle with letting stuff go. Though it may seem these are different situations, they boil down to the same thing. These women are in a life transition and their clothes no longer work for them.

    Whether you’re in a new job, recently retired, it’s a big birthday, or you’re stepping into a new role at work… it’s normal for your old clothes to feel wrong. You’re on the brink of change! It’s normal if you have no idea what your next iteration looks like. What is your updated style as you move from one phase to the next?

    The answer lies in making intentional choices that align with your new role. Start acting as and dressing as the person you’re becoming. This will create a magnetism that that draws people in, and you’ll notice an up-leveling in all areas of your life. 

    I recently had this experience. I intentionally upleveled in one area of my life, and this called in a new opportunity that I wasn’t expecting.

    Click play to watch the video! I share how my conscious up-leveling impacted my overall presence, and how this affected the way people responded to me. I also share how to be more intentional with how you’re showing up so that you call in new opportunities for yourself.

    And read on for the stylist advice.

    An Unexpected Role

    It all went down at Gemma’s softball game. One of the other moms came up to me and said, “I was going to reach out to you!

    Immediately, I got excited! The last time she reached out was with an invitation to her weekend house in Vermont for Gemma. I thought, “How fun!

    After hesitating slightly, the other mom said, “Your name came up on the short list for a leadership role on the PA Executive Board.” (PA = parent association.)

    All thoughts of fun quickly drained from my brain. Which made space for the big question, “Why would they consider me for this?”

    I thought about the movie “Bad Moms” where the PA moms were pushy perfectionists who whipped up a fresh batch of brownies on demand. 

    I never saw myself like that!

    They were impressed by your leadership!” the other mom said.

    My leadership?

    I tallied up my school commitments to see how I would have demonstrated leadership.

    • Grade rep for one year which turned into two due to Covid.
    • Photo day coordinator for the past 5 years.

    The school goes from grades 6-12 and both my kids started as 6th graders. Next year I’ll have a senior and high school freshman. This shows commitment.

    The Side Benefits Of Intentional Upleveling

    I never saw myself as “an involved” school mom.

    Yet there I was presenting as a PA Executive Board prospect.

    It’s no coincidence that this occurred just as I was growing my personal styling business.

    I have shifted my style and have been showing up in a bigger way.

    If you asked me 5 years ago what my style is, I would’ve said breezy, unexpected and cool.

    I was a cool mom. Not a PA mom.

    But with age and a stronger commitment to my business, “cool girl” didn’t feel right

    The Guiding Light For An Elevated Style

    In the past few years, I’ve played around with the 3rd word in my north star, the guiding light of my personal style. It went from clean to polished and then elegant. I started to see how this 3rd word has guided me to a more refined presence — a quality many leaders hold.

    Infusing more elegance into my look

    So as I’ve consciously stepped into my new role of leader, I’ve upleveled my visibility (and style.) This has spilled into other areas of my life. 

    Often what happens is that we need to uplevel, but we don’t know where to start.

    The Void Of Changing Identities

    I just spoke to a former client in a fun instagram live.

    She told me she hated everything in her closet, and how hitting 40, the weight of Covid, and the pre-covid weight gain left her feeling frumpy and dumpy.

    She said It felt like she had lost her identity, and she didn’t know how to dress for this next phase.

    Emily’s transformation to confident, fun and magnetic

    I saw that she needed to realign her wardrobe with where she was going in her life. We began by dialing in on her signature — confident, fun and magnetic. This set the foundation for everything she’d wear, and it makes it so much easier to shop and get dressed.

    If your clothes no longer work because you’ve changed and your wardrobe is the same, you’re not alone I see this a lot with the woman I work with. The next best step is to dial in on your signature, and I’ve got something to help.

    Your Elevated Style

    I’d like to invite you to join my free challenge to Reclaim Your Style and create a stylish, timeless signature that will serve as the foundation for all your looks.

    You’ll learn to see:

    ✔️ If your clothes are outdated 

    ✔️ Why you miss the mark with your outfits

    ✔️ How to reinvent your older items

    ✔️ Which elements make your style unique

    Even if you’ve been stuck in tee shirts and leggings, and you don’t know what else to wear, I’ve made your first steps to reclaiming your style so easy for you.

    Trust me when I say no one has my expertise, and is sharing these styling principles the way I do.

    It’s going to be productive and fun! And you’ll walk away with the foundation for everything you wear.

    Save your spot here

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