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From Mediocre Outfits To A Memorable Style

    Ever look in the mirror and see that your outfit is outdated? 

    It happened to my client, Aleta Norris. She spent years wearing jeans and a tee. Then she saw it clearly—she was stuck wearing plain mom fashion, and she’s not raising kids anymore! She knew it was time to up her style game.

    Which is exactly what she did!

    She became more memorable in her style!

    I was so excited to have Aleta join me and share her wins like:

    ✔️How she went from hating shopping to having fun with it

    ✔️The styling strategy she’s incorporating to make all her outfits pop

    ✔️How she created 5 fresh versions of one outfit

    ✔️Her big breakthrough that changed everything about her style

    ✔️The most meaningful moment in her style transformation

    Click play to watch the video and hear Aleta’s story on making her style more memorable. I think you’ll relate to what she says!

    Ramp Up Your Own Style

    And if you’re ready for your own style transformation that takes your outfits from mediocre to memorable, join Total Style Refresh! In this six week group styling program you’ll learn how to shop smarter and effortlessly create your outfits so that you love how you look (even if you’re not going anywhere!) You’ll also reinvigorate your current wardrobe and ramp up your style to the next level.

    Whether you’re stuck in tees and jeans like Aleta was. Or you’re not sure how to create exciting outfits with what you own, join Total Style Refresh to elevate what you wear and feel more put together in your life!

    The skills you’ll gain in this styling program will stay with you for a lifetime. Your friends and family will look at you differently, and most importantly you’ll see yourself in a new way.

    It’ll be so much fun rediscovering your wardrobe (and yourself!), and unleashing your most stylish and confident self.

    Learn more about Aleta here. Join her membership here.

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