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Every Move Needs A Why

    I recently experienced what Oprah would call an AHA moment. After years of practicing Forearm Stand, I can now do it (+ hold it in the middle of the room.) It’s not always my best expression–sometimes my balance is wobbly, or I’m uneasy in the upside down. But I always kick up towards it, and more often than not — I get it. So why now — after thousands of attempts– am I able to do Forearm Stand?


    I never really wanted to do Forearm Stand before. I didn’t want to risk taking the tumble that so easily could accompany the attempt. Or more precisely, I didn’t want to be the one responsible for that ominous THUMP that crashes down on the silence so frequently practiced in yoga class.

    But then something shifted. I began to listen to my body as it got acquainted with the foundation for a strong Forearm Stand, and I stopped listening to my mind spewing out all it’s worries surrounding the pose. I let go of all the stories holding me back… the fear. And simply decided to do it.

    Now I need to set the same intention behind my Handstand.

    How does your intention effect your action

    7 thoughts on “Every Move Needs A Why”

    1. SirenaTales

      TT, Thanks for the insight, as always. You remind me of my experience yesterday–and increasingly often-in dance class. Some of the movement is simply not good, i.e. safe, for my “seasoned” (heh) body, so I constantly adapt movement to what I can do. Even if it’s different from what the other 20 folks are doing. I used to try to conform to the precise movement demonstrated, and the fear of being different is still compelling. But now I try to keep my eye on the prize: dancing as much and as long as I can. If that means I stick out like a sore thumb in class, I need to own that. Your wisdom is much appreciated. Xoxo

    2. I must say – I really do need to think about that phrase “What is your intention” crow pose escapes me I think because I instantly tell myself I cant. Maybe my intention needs to be more grounded in why do I want to do the pose?

    3. Jenny, I don’t love crow pose. Or any arm balance for that matter–I find them incredibly uncomfortable. I think finding the Why of the pose can be helpful to get grounded, as you said. Think of it as an experiment or investigation — but without any attachment– this is the key. To go for it… no matter what.

    4. Sounds like you are owning the movement, ST, which comes as no surprise. I bet you operate from the WHY on a regular basis — in dance and in life. Thank you for sharing. Your comments really add to my blogging experience. xoxo

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