Expressing On The Way To Expression

Expressing On The Way To Expression

G’s latest obsession is handstand.
She’s at it constantly, and wants me to watch every single time.

It goes like this–
She kicks her little legs up to the sky.
They flail around for a millisecond. Or two.
Then her feet fall back to the ground.
She looks up, finds my eyes and says “AGAIN!”

She never truly hits handstand.

So does she want me to watch in case handstand actually happens?
Or does she want me to keep watching her practice?

Which is the full expression–the actual pose itself? Or the process of getting into the pose?

Elysha Lenkin
Elysha Lenkin helps women express themselves through fashion so they look current, feel confident and stay true to themselves. For over 20 years, she's worked on commercial shoots styling women in all shapes, ages and sizes including Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey and Serena Williams. Now her focus is to make fashion fun and approachable for real women so they show up feeling like superstars in their lives.


  1. nadinehogan says:

    I love this! It’s not only the process, but the work, excitement and anticipation we put into trying over and over again. There’s where the beauty is found.

  2. Nadine, Yes! It’s the excitement and anticipation that feed the passion to keep trying. I also think the word AGAIN (along with excitement and anticipation) is inscribed in most kids DNA 🙂 Thank you so much for your insightful comment!

  3. applejack says:

    I know when I was a kid, I thought the handstand was those milliseconds that I was up there. My biggest joy was that I could balance for those few seconds at all. The joy is where you find it and it sounds like she’s found joy in doing and doing again and enjoying that she’s done what for her is the handstand. So beautiful! Enjoy!

  4. applejack says:

    That, for me, was the expression. Seconds of exhilaration that I wanted to make last again and again and again.

  5. Applejack, I love this! The expression is the exhilaration. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.I think my little girl thinks she’s in handstand for that millisecond, the same way you did as a kid. Amazing.

  6. yoganej says:

    What is it “they” say about the journey vs the destination? 🙂

  7. JennyO says:

    Fun!! Sometimes its the challenge of doing it and once you succeed? You seek the next challenge. 🙂 I do love trying to do a handstand too. Weee!!!


  8. The journey is the destination!

  9. Trying handstand is most definitely fun! A little scary for me though — I don’t like to fall. My daughter doesn’t even seem phased by the possibility of a fall!

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