Every Outfit Needs This Final Touch

Every Outfit Needs This Final Touch

If you look at your outfit right now and see just 2 pieces - a top and bottom - you're missing an important fashion detail that will upgrade your style. Get the tips and outfit ideas (like how to layer for spring) that help get you noticed for having a polished and pulled together personal style. #whattowear #howtolayerforspring #womensfashion #outfitideas #styleinspiration

Look down at what you’re wearing right now. Do you see just a top and bottom? If yes, you’re missing an important outfit detail. It’s the final touch, or as I like to call it… the cherry on top.

What every outfit need text overlay image of denim and white sweater and glasses.

It’s natural to think of your outfit in terms of a top and bottom. Because when you choose what to wear you’re most likely matching a shirt with pants. Or maybe it’s a blouse and a skirt. Or just a dress. Either way, an outfit made up of two parts or less is incomplete.

Click play to watch the video where I explain the cherry on top technique that takes your outfit from whatever to something MUCH better.

And read on for my stylist advice on how to make a style statement with your clothes.

The Cherry On Top

Have you ever heard of the closer in baseball? As odd it feels for me to make a baseball reference (I don’t watch baseball, or any sports!), the closer is the perfect metaphor. It’s the pitcher who comes in during the final innings to win the game. The cherry on top is similar. It’s that little something that makes your dessert extra special. Every outfit needs a cherry on top to feel special.

Your Outfit As Whatever

In a basic top and bottom combo, you’ve got two pieces. This look is fine when you’re going super casual, and don’t really care about what you’re wearing. But if you want to step it up and make a statement with your style, you’ll want to add in another element. You’ll want a final touch.

The Final Touch Figured Out

There are lots of ways to elevate a two piece look. The most obvious solution is to layer something on top. Jackets, sweaters, cardigans and vests serve as an excellent clothing closer. But let’s say it’s 90˚ outside and the last thing you want is more layers. You’ve got other options!

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Your Style Speaks Out

Accessories are inherently a final touch. In order for them to count as the cherry on top they must make a statement. Small diamond studs will not complete your look the same way a pair of crystal fringe earrings would. And while I appreciate the delicacy of a refined bracelet, it isn’t going to be a cherry on top.

To determine which accessories will finish your look, notice which ones catch your eye when staring in the mirror. Scarves (neckerchiefs!) are awesome at finishing an outfit. So are hats, statement jewelry, sunglasses and belts.

If you look at your outfit right now and see just 2 pieces - a top and bottom - you're missing an important fashion detail that will upgrade your style. Get the tips and outfit ideas (like how to layer for spring) that help get you noticed for having a polished and pulled together personal style. #whattowear #howtolayerforspring #womensfashion #outfitideas #styleinspiration

The Bold Final Touch

If you still want to keep your outfit simple – like the top and bottom combo, consider adding in a bright color, strong print or graphic design. This style detail can be your cherry on top! Plaid, stripes and polka dots make lovely finishing touches.

One thing to keep in mind…if you’re wearing a dress – it still counts as a top and bottom combo (because you’re top and bottom body parts are covered). In this situation, you only need one more final touch.

So when you look at your outfit, and you only see two pieces…consider what you have in your wardrobe to add in as the cherry on top. Look for layers, statement accessories and strong prints or color.

If you want practice putting together outfits that look complete, join the free facebook group, Closet Shopping Collective. We’re creating fresh outfits from what we own to help us stay positive, feel productive and have fun. Join us here.

What do you think of having a cherry on top for your finishing touch? Are you already doing this? Or will you try it?

Elysha Lenkin
Elysha Lenkin helps women express themselves through fashion so they look current, feel confident and stay true to themselves. For over 20 years, she's worked on commercial shoots styling women in all shapes, ages and sizes including Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey and Serena Williams. Now her focus is to make fashion fun and approachable for real women so they show up feeling like superstars in their lives.


  1. Pamela Goldman says:

    Elysha….I’ve been seeing a lot of very stylish women wearing a lot of black layers and black flat sandals even bare skinned in the middle of the cold air with coats. What do you make of it? Is black the new black?

  2. Nora says:

    Today was a hot one so I wore a tank top and cropped jeans. I had a really casual date so decided to add a statement with my shoes: snake print sandals with a bit of a heel. It’s a little harder to look put together when the temperature is so high! Bracelets and necklaces make me uncomfortable because of the sweat and I’m too shy to wear a hat unless on vacation 🤣

  3. Hi Pamela, I think black is always in, especially in NYC. And I’m also seeing women wearing no socks and having bare ankles even if it’s not warm.

  4. Hi Nora, I agree that sometimes extra jewelry makes me feel sticky in the heat. Your snake skin sandals sound cute!

  5. […] Learning that for me, less is more, has also given me satisfaction. I don’t have to be at the mercy of trends; I can be myself and wearing the colours and styles of clothing that work for me simply makes life easier. I have come to a more relaxed placed in my colour journey. I have discovered that lipstick covers a multitude of sins and is like an extra accessory (“the cherry on top” in the words of Elysha Lenkin, the Stylist in her excellent blogpost). […]

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