Following The Heart Home

Following The Heart Home

Since we’ve got the holiday of LOVE coming up, I pulled a post from the archive to celebrate.


With so much talk about mind, body and soul connection on this here blog, I think it’s time I start speaking for (from?) the heart.

I’ve never been a pink hearts kind of girl. There were no doodling love letters, and I tried to stay away from the touch-y, feel-y kind of conversation with friends. Possibly, it’s the lack of water in my chart, or maybe it’s because I find a very fine line between soft and sappy?  I’ve just never been a big emote-er. (I do love a good emoticon though! 🙂 ) But since my yoga practice has gotten a bit of a boost (with back bending almost every day) it’s kind of tough not to get into the heart.

I guess it’s about time right on time!

Perhaps with this opening heart I can allow vulnerability to lead me somewhere new.
Or offer this energy towards something greater.

But I think I’ll start at home– that’s always a good place to share your heart.

Will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day? GL + I will be on our own as the boys are heading out of town for a tournament. I’m sure we’ll come up with something heart-y + fun to do.
It may even be pink.

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Elysha Lenkin
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  1. sara says:

    AgAin, you have me thinking, Elysha. I have Mars and Saturn on the same degree in Cancer – two very strong, masculine planets in a very feminine, emotional sign. In practice, I can’t stand a lack of emotional discipline or integrity. I feel things deeply, but I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m protective of my heart, very much so, and I’m not a romantic, although I adore gifts 🙂

  2. Thank You, Sara. Having mars + saturn on top of each other in cancer makes for a very interesting dynamic — that’s a lot of strength within a soft structure, or is it the other way around? I have no water in my chart…at all! So there is no inclination to wear my heart on my sleeve. And I’m not a romantic in the least bit. My husband is a cancer moon + rising, and both my kids have their moon in scorpio…so clearly the water has shown up in my life with a great impact. x x

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