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Following The Heart Home

    With so much talk about mind, body and soul connection on this here blog, I think it’s time I start speaking for (from?) the heart.

    heart girl

    I’ve never been a heart-y kind of girl. There were no doodling love letters to my school-boy crush. And I tried to stay away from the touch-y, feel-y kind of conversation with friends. Possibly, it’s the lack of water in my chart (aquarius sun & rising, virgo moon with a ton of sag to boot!)  Or maybe it’s because I find a very fine line between soft and sappy?  I’ve just never been a big emote-er.  But since my yoga practice has gotten a bit of a boost (with back bending almost every day) it’s kind of tough not to get into the heart.

    I guess it’s about time right on time!

    Perhaps with this opening heart I can allow vulnerability to lead me somewhere new.
    I could even find reverence, and offer this energy towards something greater.


    But I think I’ll start at home.

    Isn’t that where the heart is?

    PS: I found the water! I married a cancer moon and rising. And gave birth to kids with both scorpio moon and scorpio and cancer risings.

    11 thoughts on “Following The Heart Home”

    1. SirenaTales

      Gotta love those moves opening the heart (chakra)! Vulnerability and reverence? Ahhhhhh, TT, great adventures await :)–and right on time for you with your brave soul. Love this! Xoxo p.s. Lucky you with your heartful artist….

    2. I think we have very similar charts! I get mine all mixed up though.

      Yoga has done the same for me– in addition to ppening the heart those back bends activate the iliopsoas– which work on those lower chakras– the home of emotion! I always almost cry during end of class hip openers– all that root chakra work pulls on my heart strings! 🙂

    3. I have to agree with the comment before me, I find myself so open during some flows in yoga that I get this emotional welling. Its kind of crazy and I can totally relate to getting that closed up to what I feel as “gooey” signs of affection 😉

    4. So good that you know how to access that release! And thanks for sharing that bit about the iliopsoas…I’ve heard of it many times, but didn’t realize it connects so easily to the heart.

    5. Thank you, Jenny. I’m still working on this — trying not to confuse sentimental with cheesiness. I’ve got a lot more back bending to do!

    6. I love back bends and heart openers in yoga! They really do bring out so much of one’s emotions. It is crazy to think that a physical form of the body can end up changing one’s mind and heart but it’s totally true!

    7. Ugh I feel you … sometimes when I open up and try to embrace that sharing feeling it comes out of my mouth and its like “WHAT… was THAT?!” It always feels like I’m searching. My family appreciates my attempts at least and gets that its just not my comfort zone.

    8. So true! I wouldn’t say I love back bends, but because of their ability to open my heart — I keep at ’em! Thanks for sharing here.

    9. I don’t do back bends very well because of my stiff neck. This is a work in progress.
      But I do believe the Heart speaks the Truths. And it pays dividend to listen to one’s heart and then follow it.
      Seems to me that is what you did. Congrats!

    10. I completely agree that the heart speaks the truth. I think life would flow easier if we allowed more heart listening. Thank you!

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