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How To Get Dressed With Ease Even If You Feel Holiday Stress

    Your next go-to outfit text overlay on image of woman walking in leopard print jacket.

    Between the shopping, the parties and the overall sense of chaos – holiday stress can be a lot to handle. And that doesn’t include figuring out what you’ll wear through the chaos! If you want to get dressed with more ease, then set yourself up with a stash of go-to outfits! This is how you’ll put on looks in a pinch that get you out the door quickly with the confidence that you look amazing.

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    Get Dressed In A Pinch

    The main purpose of a go-to outfit is to help you get dressed quickly. There’s no struggle in figuring out what to wear because you already know it works. And that’s why you want to wear it. You don’t have to worry if this outfit is right or not. It’s already proven itself. You’ve worn it another time or multiple times and you always feel good in it.

    But how do you know if your sweater /pants / boots combo deserves go-to outfit status?

    Your next go-to outfit text overlay on image of woman walking in leopard print jacket.

    3 Ways To Tell If It’s A Go-To Outfit

    1.  It makes getting dressed easy.

    When you’re putting on your go-to outfit it’s not one of those situations where you must work through 10 looks to get to The One. You’ve already done the legwork so you know which top to put with which bottom, and exactly how to accessorize. 

    2. It reminds you of who you want to be.

    Once you’ve easily assembled your go-to, you want the outfit to make you feel like a million bucks. Ask yourself (while wearing the outfit) Do I have the confidence to do what I must do right now? If it’s a go-to, then the answer must be yes.

    3. It energizes you.

    The right outfit makes you feel excited. It inspires and motivates you to do what you’ve got to do. Your go-to must raise your energy.  

    Get Your Next Go-To Outfit

    Creating your go-tos requires commitment. It’s the kind of thing where you must invest the time up front for the big payoff which shows up every time you need to get dressed in a pinch. Give yourself time to play in your closet and try on new combinations. It’s not a go-to the first time you wear it. That’s the trial phase. It’s when you’ll experience if the outfit works or not. If there’s any fidgeting or discomfort – it’s not working! 

    Once you’ve got your outfit that comes together easy, reminds you of who you need to be, and gives you energy, you’ve got your new go-to. Wear it whenever you need to look good and get out the door quickly. 

    Click play to watch the video where I explain exactly what your go-to outfit is, and how to put one together so you always have something to wear.

    What does your go-to outfit look like?

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