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Making Your New Year, New You Look Good

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    I love the whole new year new you thing because I’m always up for an opportunity to begin again. And the fact that we’re dealing with a new decade means there’s even more of a clean slate!

    Have you put much thought into your goals and how you’ll achieve what you’re after in the coming months? I love to plan out the details of what I want to accomplish — like the projects I’ll bring to life in the new year. But what’s become clear is that my biggest results don’t come from what I’m doing. It’s about who I AM BEING. In order to live life from my highest vision, I must BE the person who achieves these goals. 

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    Click play to watch the video where I share the game changing practice I implemented into my life to start seeing the results I wanted.

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    What You Believe To Be True

    Each of us move through life with a distinct set of beliefs. These beliefs create our emotions which become the backbone for every action that in turn will deliver results. If you believe that you have nothing to wear. Then you’ll feel uninspired when you look in your closet. Your action will be to wear clothes you don’t feel good about. And the result is an uninspired style. 

    Belief → Emotion → Action → Result

    A different approach could be that when you look in your closet you see all the possibility which leads you to feel excited. Then you create your outfit from the excitement, and the result is an inspired look. Click here for more about why you believe you can’t dress well.

    Belief → Emotion → Action → Result

    The results vary greatly when you’re dealing with a limited belief, like you have nothing to wear. This leads to a feeling of defeat. Whereas the positive thought that says there’s possibility in your closet leads to inspiration. 

    BE The Change You Want To See

    If you’re someone who sees the glass half empty (nothing to wear in your closet) and you don’t want to view life like this anymore, you must change your belief. And while affirmations are one way to encourage change (you look in your closet and say I know there’s something in here that’ll make me look amazing), I’ve got another practice to share. 

    Rather than try to overhaul the entire belief with one (affirmative) phrase, start with just one word. Answer the question, how do I want to feel in my clothes today? Choose a word that aligns with the emotions that inspire confidence. By facing your closet with the intention to inspire confidence, you’re shifting the belief from the glass is half empty to the glass is half full. You are becoming that person who sees the possibility in your wardrobe. 

    Take back your style in 2020 text overlay image of woman walking.

    New Year New You

    As you practice BEING the person who accomplishes her goals, rather than focusing only on doing the action, you’ll experience long lasting change. When I think about my goals for the coming year, I meditate on who I must be. What are my beliefs that’ll feed the feelings which lead to actions that create the results I want? 

    I’ve got an in-person event taking place in NYC coming up soon. In order to make this event a success, I must BE the person who confidently shares her ideas and engages her audience. I must believe that I am capable of doing this. I must believe that my audience will receive my value. If I just focus on the content of my events, I’m missing a crucial step that impacts the entire experience. 

    So as you think about what you’ve got going on in the new year, rather than focus only on the actions you’ll take, consider who you must be. What do you have to believe to achieve these results? What’s the word that encapsulates how you feel as the person reaching your goals? Share with me in the comments below your word for the year. 

    What’s your word for 2020?

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