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Getting Back In The Saddle

    I used to be a bike chick.

    Not so much in a Harley-Davidson-black-leather-moto kind of way.  Think more towards Schwinn-turquoise-pedal-cruiser.
    That was me.

    Screen shot 2013-08-23 at 4.45.35 PM
    Sara Delle Fowler

    I was that girl — the one who was always on her bike in NYC.

    In my twenties, I’d ride up to my job on West 66th street then head downtown to meet friends for dinner in the East Village.  I’d ride fast and furious across Houston street at 7am for Mysore Ashtanga on Broadway (which somehow seemed in alignment with the whole Ashtanga practice to me at the time.)  I was allover the city. But my favorite times were riding at night.  When the streets were quiet and the traffic was slim — that’s when the real free-wheeling fun kicked in.  If I had nothing to do, I’d hop on my bike to see what showed up.  (A tarot card reader on Avenue A often appeared along the way.)

    I kept riding into my thirties. DH met me as that girl.  This time it was a Huffy BMX dirt bike. He even brought his in from Long Island so we could ride side by side. This continued on through marriage.  But at pregnancy,  I got off my bike. Something about the NYC streets just seemed too crazy for this new mom to maneuver. I never commuted via bicycle again.

    Until today!

    Citibikes set up a bike share program that has been storming the streets of the city.  It’s definitely intrigued me enough to browse the site, consider the pricing, and note all the stations (which are hard not to note as they’re practically on every block.)  But today something shifted. Perhaps it was my give-it-a-go attitude which popped up on the past 3 weeks of vacation. Or maybe it was simply because I had my sneakers on.

    bike rider

    I did it.

    After dropping G off at dance camp I found the nearest station to set myself up on a bike.  It was a tiny bit daunting as it’s been so long for me to ride in NYC.  But the streets are way easier now. There are bike lanes on most avenues.  And with so many other bikers paving the way…it feels so much more ingrained into the city life.

    Biking in NYC is really the way to go!
    Say hello to that girl!

    9 thoughts on “Getting Back In The Saddle”

    1. Kelly Kuhn

      Braver than me, that’s for sure. Reading your excitement is great fun, though!

    2. SirenaTales

      TT, I’ve been thinking of you–glad to see you’re back here AND back on your bike! Thanks for the exhilarating post. Ride on, girl. xo

    3. Kelly, I must say the most exciting part was reconnecting to an “older” version of myself. Though those streets of NYC do keep one on their toes! It’s great to hear from you!

    4. ST, It feels so good to be back — both on the bike and on this blog! Thank you for recognizing, and your encouraging support!! xoxo

    5. I’ve never felt more alone than riding through Central Park at night. Exhilarating!

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