Gloves That Won’t Shrivel In The Cold And Ice

Gloves That Won’t Shrivel In The Cold And Ice

The weather has been crazy this week — from freezing cold to high winds with sleet and rain to full-on snow. I happened to be out + about in most of it, and came to the realization that the awesome pair of hot pink gloves my mom brought back from Italy aren’t cut out for this mess. Sad but true — I need to find something a bit more durable.

Which leads me to the question… can gloves be warm + cute?

Here’s what I’ve rounded up so far.

I saw these on one of the soccer moms. She pointed me to JCrew, but alas–they’re sold out.

gloves 2

UGG AUSTRALIA Carter shearling gloves at

UGG is a trusty brand, known for their soft shearling. I bet these would be a good replacement for the sold out pair at JCrew.


Knit + Leather Combo Glove available at Urban Outfitters

So, I’m thinking that leather won’t really work in the wet weather, but these have a protective layer. Could be worth a whirl.

Antipova Cuff Gloves at ANTHROPOLOGIE.COM

Antipova Cuff Gloves

And speaking of a protective layer…these look like they could handle Siberia!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.17.15 PM

GLOVE.LY available at Bluefly

I’m liking the insulated lining on this pair, plus they have touch screen ability which is a big bonus because taking my gloves off to text is leading to some seriously freezing fingers.

What gloves are you wearing this winter?

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  1. Cute! I like them all 🙂

  2. could use a pair of warm gloves right now while working on the computer…

  3. Eddie, having touchtone capability on a pair of gloves is a great feature– I can’t stand having to take off my gloves to type. Are you working on your computer outside? Is that why you need gloves while working on the computer?

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