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Go Read Now: Still Writing

    It was Oprah who introduced me to Dani Shapiro. She was on the show talking about her memoir, Devotion
    And as I do with many of the books discussed on Super Soul Sunday — I devoured it.

    Except after I turned the last page, I wasn’t done.
    Shapiro had sparked my curiosity –I wanted to know more!

    So I went in search of other books she had written. Still Writing was the one that jumped off the shelf, and into my hands.

    It wasn’t the writer in me, craving for more insight into the craft, that grabbed the book.
    It was the title — Still Writing –that called my name.

    This idea of still at it , is what hooked me.

    Perseverance has always been my weak spot (I had to retype the word 5 times for it to show up correctly just now!) in both personal and professional pursuits. When that big barricade of challenge rears it’s menacing face, I’m likely to call it quits (though probably chalk it up to “moving on”).

    The nonchalance of Shapiro’s routine response to the cocktail party chatter — Yes, I’m still writing — succinctly says it all. (And I’d love to borrow a page from her book on this!)

    Then there’s the other hook in the title that appealed to my inner quest– still writing– connecting to that teeny tiny spot within where the deepest story lies… this is still writing.

    Shapiro is a yogi.
    And she meditates.
    It was inevitable I’d connect to her language.
    But when she quoted Martha Graham — I knew she was talking to my people!

    This quote sits above my desk

    Still Writing isn’t only for writers. It’s for anyone on the path of creativity, even as they create their path.

    She writes:
    “The writer’s life requires courage, patience, empathy, openness. It requires the ability to be alone with oneself. Gentle with oneself. To be disciplined, and at the same time, take risks.”

    Did that spark your curiosity?

    Buy the book here.

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    9 thoughts on “Go Read Now: Still Writing”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      You totally sparked my curiosity with your post! I struggle with: What should I do (or in most cases…not do) with my creative ideas. Some of the words that are going around in my head after reading your article many times are: be gentle with oneself; take risks. You have given me encouragement and my plan is follow through…….I hope. Thank you for sharing, Elysha!

    2. I do hope you follow through– that’s half the battle! Once the commitment (+ discipline) are there, the creative process can come easier. Thank you, GGW…your kind words means a lot to me!

    3. How funny – again we have intersecting themes Elysha. I just wrote this morning about how I have had to develop perseverance and patience. Instant glory is not my story this life 🙂 I’ll pop that book on my to read list, thank you xo

    4. Sara, patience is probably my biggest practice. I had never connected it to my lack of perseverance, but after you put the 2 together in your comment– it makes perfect sense — they’re completely related! Funny how we come up with the same topics to post on. Looking forward to reading yours! x x

    5. Same quote by Graham struck me! I really liked that book and look forward to reading more of her writing.

    6. Is she writing another book?? I know she does workshops, but haven’t yet heard about her next book. And that comment by Martha Graham…it’s one of my favorites! Thank you for stopping by, Kay.

    7. Thank You, Aleya. I think she’s definitely worth checking out…I’ve read just the two books mentioned, but she’s got others as well. And she writes a blog (which I follow.)

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