3 Ways To Turn On Your Good Outfit Energy

3 Ways To Turn On Your Good Outfit Energy

You know when your hair looks good—maybe you recently got it cut, or perhaps the stars aligned in perfect formation. Either way, you’re like “MY HAIR LOOKS GOOD AND I’M GOING OUT!” I call this GOOD HAIR ENERGY.

The easiest way to look your best and get good energy

This energy feels especially GOOD when you’ve been stuck in low grade vibes… like how I was with my hair.

My hair was awful—for months! Everyday, I’d look in the mirror and be like “Yeah my hair doesn’t look good, but whatever.” 

And even though I didn’t like my hair, I got comfortable doing nothing. This became my norm. Mostly, because I didn’t know what else to do with it. But also— it was easier to stay the same. I told myself it didn’t matter.

Finally I couldn’t go on anymore. I got a haircut.

Get good energy and love how you look

And I LOVED it! It was like taking a huge load off my shoulders (literally!)

Having the new look inspired me to try new things…I broke out my hairstyling tools and got creative. I started having fun! And once I started feeling creative and having fun, it inspired me to show up more in life—in videos and in person! I’d tapped back into my GOOD HAIR ENERGY. No more low grade vibes from me!

Did you know you can do the same thing with your style? 

You can tap into your GOOD OUTFIT ENERGY even if you’ve gotten comfortable in your leggings or sweats—not because you love wearing them, but because you don’t know what else to wear. And it’s easier to do nothing.

With the world opening up, summer looks like it’s going to be more social than before. You don’t have to play to so safe anymore! Your GOOD OUTFIT ENERGY will motivate you to get out and be seen!

Watch the video where I share how to get out of your low grade looks and elevate what you wear:

And keep reading for 3 ways to turn on your GOOD OUTFIT ENERGY.

1. Discover Your Unique Code For GOOD ENERGY

This is about articulating what you love and how you want to look that makes you feel like your BRIGHTEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL self. Looking at someone else in their good outfit energy can be inspiring, but you must remember that her outfit creates HER GOOD OUTFIT ENERGY—which is unique to her.

Your GOOD OUTFIT ENERGY has your unique coding. It’s based on a feeling you have when you’re supported by your clothes. This is when all the elements of your outfit come together, you love how you look and you’re like “YES! THIS IS SO ME!

To articulate what you love and how you want to look, come up with 3 words to describe this feeling. Use these words (your north star, is what I call them) to guide you to your best style choices. Try on the outfit and pay attention to how you feel. You’re looking for that sensations of “YES! THIS IS SO ME!

2. Get Rid Of Everything You Don’t Want To Wear

When you’ve got a bunch of clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t want to wear, it brings you down. It’s the antithesis to your GOOD OUTFIT ENERGY. You probably know that feeling — you open your closet and see only old and unappealing items. You feel confused, and think I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! Those old and unappealing items are clogging up your closet and creating stagnate vibes in your wardrobe. Let that stuff go!

3 ways to love how you look and get good energy

3. Join 21 Day Outfit Innovation

If you’re stuck in low grade looks like leggings and sweats, you’re dressing out of habit rather than expressing how you want to look and feel. I know it may seem hard, but you can change that! You can shift out of auto-pilot and do things differently.

Did you know it takes 21 days to form a new habit?

In 21 Day Outfit Innovation, my new group styling bootcamp, you will shift your perspective and see so much POTENTIAL with your wardrobe, and this will bring you so much JOY as you reshape HOW YOU SHOW UP in your life. 

And you’ll do this without buying anything new!

Closet Shop With Purpose & Elevate Your Outfits To The Next Level!

Here’s what’s included in the 21 day styling bootcamp: 

  • LIVE styling tutorials with Q&A – 3 total so you can get answers to YOUR QUESTIONS (recorded if you can’t make it live)
  • Daily Prompts to inspire your EVERYDAY STYLE choices so they always feel FRESH and like new.
  • Curated Resources – tip sheets, workbooks and tutorials that breakdown the art & science of style so it becomes SECOND NATURE
  • Private Facebook group to celebrate, ask questions and for accountability as you innovate your outfits, plus access to Elysha in between calls here
  • 2 Special Bonuses 

This is perfect if you’re ready to break the habit of leggings and sweats and tap into your GOOD OUTFIT ENERGY so you feel more magnetic in your life.

Join 21 Day Outfit Innovation by clicking here! 

And if this is for you, don’t wait!  – I’m keeping this group small for more personal attention and $100 Early Bird Savings ends MAY 24th.

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