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Your 3 Biggest Style Frustrations Solved So You Love How You Look

    The three biggest style frustrations women tell me about are:

    • They’re stuck wearing the same thing
    • They don’t know how to dress stylish AND feel comfortable 
    • They believe nothing looks good on them, or they can’t tell when something does look good

    Watch the video to get the solutions to these style frustrations so you stop struggling with what you wear, and instead feel confident about how you look.

    And keep reading to see how these dilemmas are solved.

    Style Frustration #1 

    If you’re always wearing the same thing it’s because you’ve gotten into a rut. It’s not a rut if you wear the same thing, but it doesn’t bother you. A rut is when you feel stuck without options.

    One of my clients came to me because she was bored with her style of wearing all black all the time. She knew she could do better, but she didn’t know how.

    Interestingly enough, when we first started working together she said she had no clothes — there was nothing thing good in her wardrobe. But after taking a deeper look in her closet, she rediscovered many hidden gems…and they weren’t in black! 

    Immediately, we created fresh looks with her rediscovered gems. She just needed to take inventory of what she owned, and add a fresh perspective to how she put it all together. She’s no longer stuck wearing all black all the time.

    Style Frustration #2

    If you don’t know how to dress stylish AND feel comfortable, you’re not alone. Especially after the pandemic, we’ve been prioritizing comfort for so long that even a regular pair of jeans now feel hard.

    Here’s 2 tips to put together stylish and comfortable outfits.

    1. Wear only comfortable fabrics.

    That means nothing too stiff or constricting. If your jeans feel too hard, find something else to wear. A quick way to tell if it’s a comfortable fabric is to ask yourself, “Do I want to take off this garment right away?” If the answer is yes, it’s not a comfortable fabric. Look for knits, cottons, and silks.

    2. Put together whole outfits

    A basic principle for putting together stylish outfits is to include at least 3 style elements. Accessories, prints and bold colors all count as elements so you don’t need an actual jacket or cardigan for every look— which is especially helpful when it’s hot outside.

    In the photo above, my client replaced her comfort only outfit with a stylish alternative. Her top is a lightweight knit and the pants have lots of stretch. Notice how her outfit looks stylish and feels complete without wearing a jacket or cardigan? 

    Style Frustration #3

    If you struggle with believing that you never look good, or that you don’t know what looks good on you — whether it’s because your body has changed and you’re not used to dressing a new shape. Or you never understood how to flatter your body in the first place, here’s what to know…

    Your body is never the problem!

    And hiding your body is never the solution!

    I see women wearing oversized clothes because they think it’s better to cover up.

    This isn’t true.

    The key is to know HOW to style your body. Play around with different styles and silhouettes to see what compliments you best.

    And if you’re not sure what looks good, pay attention to how you feel. If you feel tight or constricted.. don’t wear it.

    If you feel inspired and excited, it looks good!

    The above photo is my client who didn’t put much thought into what she’d wear. She often chose oversize pieces. Once she saw that highlighting her waist was incredibly flattering, she didn’t feel the need to always cover up.

    (FYI: she did not lose weight in between these 2 photos. It’s HOW she styles her clothes that makes her look thinner.)

    Style Frustrations Solved

    To solve the 3 big style frustrations, dig into your closet and reimagine how to wear what you have, put together whole looks, and play around with different style strategies to highlight your body. 

    If you want help implementing these 3 solutions, get my DIY styling course, Total Style Refresh.

    In Total Style Refresh, you’ll get the basics like body shape & color palettes, but more importantly you’ll align your inner with your outer appearance so your style reflects who you are AND who you are becoming. No more outdated outfits! Plus you’ll have so much fun in the community of women who are doing the same thing. Combine this with the advanced styling strategies that I shared — the ones that I use on commercial shoots and with my private clients— you’ll look current and feel confident!

    Go here to learn more about the DIY style refresh:

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