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Happy Solstice! Time To Check-In With Your Truth

    Happy Solstice! It’s Time To Check-In With Your Truth | mind body soul stylist |

    Happy Solstice! Time To Check-In With Your Truth | mind body soul stylist |
    What’s going on with you and your truth these days? Are you in tune?

    I’ve been grappling with this for what feels like forever, though really, it’s probably been just the last few years. I’ve got these big ideas that I know will amount to something great, yet distilling it into my truth, or soul/sole purpose, has been a tremendous process.

    With today’s solstice, and this one is in truth master Sagittarius, there’s an extra burst of energy to help propel you towards finding and / or living yours.

    Here are a few tips I’ve found to be incredibly helpful in gaining clarity around my truth along with giving me the ability to live in more alignment with it.

    Connect To Your Body
    Our bodies hold a wealth of information about what’s really going on inside. Stuff stored from years (+ years + years) is often obscuring our truths so it’s key to keep moving that stuff around. Like a stream of water, it needs to flow to stay healthy. A consistent movement practice — whatever feels good to you and your body — is going to help you connect within. Think of it as burning off the excess for access to your truth. And if that’s not convincing, checkout this article in today’s NYT on the importance of exercise for strong health.

    Clear Your Mind
    Another hindrance that gets in the way of our truths is a foggy mind, one that’s cluttered with thoughts / plans / ideas that constantly call for our attention. Our brains deserve a break sometimes, particularly when trying to tap into the more intuitive / inner knowings. This is when meditation becomes extremely helpful. Sitting in stillness — with the breath — is a wonderful way to feel every little thing in both mind and body. Truths often like to pop up under these conditions of absolute silence. Also, writing — not so much in a cerebral style, but in a stream of consciousness that allows the brain to dump out all that excess crap. I started doing morning pages back in my 20s after reading The Artist’s Way, and it’s been a useful tool that I’ve turned to for clarity ever since.

    Express Your Soul
    Our soul is ALWAYS in alignment with our truth. In fact, it is our truth. It can also be a delicate thing that feels vulnerable or afraid to be seen. So give yourself a safe place to explore all that feels encouraging for your soul. Maybe it’s alone when no one is around. Music always helps bring my soul alive. There are certain songs I’ve come to rely on when feeling my soul has been cooped up inside for too long. (I even made a playlist so these songs are right at my fingertips.)

    The thing about living from your soul –> it’s ALL YOU in your truth. So being able to access this on the regular will bring more freedom and joy to be who you TRULY are.

    **I’ve found when I do all three of the above in conjunction with one another is when I have the most success in connecting to and living my truth.

    What do you do to tap into and / or express your truth?

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    7 thoughts on “Happy Solstice! Time To Check-In With Your Truth”

    1. terry shen

      “Living from your soul . . .” I like that, Elysha. That approach will not only align your spirit but also ensure authenticity in your day to day living. As for that something great, just keep doing what you, and it will happen one day. – just like in yoga.

    2. That’s exactly it, Terry! It’s about being in that place for the day to day. Thanks for your kind comment, I appreciate it!

    3. Girl Gathering Wisdom

      As you can tell from my “name” I am constantly on the search for my truth. Your post had pure clarity for the 3 ways to get to and stay on the path. I agree with and do all of them.
      In Connect to your Body….I absolutely loved your quote: “Think of it as burning off the excess for access to your truth”!!!!
      I believe that we are all born wired in a specific way. If we have active, noisy, analytical, sometimes self sabotaging brains… be it. I would not trade my “unique” brain even though it can get exhausting. BECAUSE at the same time that there is constant questioning…….new ideas pop up. And that feels really good.
      So thank you for the 3 tips. To help me when I get tired of the constant search for betterment I try to take a vacay from my own head and actually say this mantra-ish:

    4. What a relief it can be to take a vacation from our own heads! I totally get that!! Thanks, GGW! ?

    5. All three of these things are acsessed by doing Nia. So Nia really helps me in tapping into and expressing my truth. 🙂

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