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How To Live On A High Vibe

    To live on a high vibe is when thoughts and actions align with the true self to elevate energy into a positive vibration. It's you as your most awesome. Click through to read how it's done.

    How To Live On A High Vibe | | Mind Body Soul StylistHave you heard of high vibe living? It’s when thoughts and actions align with the true self to elevate energy into a positive vibration. It’s kind of like being your best self with extra light attached.

    While getting onto a high vibe is definitely do-able, sustaining that energy isn’t.

    It’s called life. It’s filled with ups and downs as moods shift based on circumstances coming at us from allover.

    Just this morning, I went through my usual routine which always puts me on a high vibe (I highly recommend starting your day by doing things you know will set you right). All was well until I sat down at the computer to get some work done…my internet went down, scooping up my high vibe along with it. That whole morning routine of goodness…gone! I turned into a monster. (Just ask the Time Warner rep who helped me on the phone…he will concur.)

    The thing is, I knew I was spiraling into negativity. My body had given up to the circumstance. Tension filled my chest. My heart beat raced. My breath was shallow. In hindsight, it seems silly to let something so trivial become so big. In the moment, I couldn’t see anything with clarity.

    So how to live on a high vibe?

    Practice. Keep doing high vibe things.

    As I wrote earlier, start your day with a refreshing routine. Figure out an activity that clears the mind so you are beginning each morning with a blank slate. Coffee, my journal and meditation have become a non-negotiable in my life. I know this routine always lifts me into a high vibe so I do it regularly. It’s my practice.

    What happens when the internet goes down? Or some other catastrophe comes at you?

    Try to keep perspective. I mentioned that I knew I was spiraling into negativity around the broken internet, and ultimately it was this awareness that enabled me to pull out of the low vibe. It didn’t happen immediately. But eventually I saw myself acting like a monster, and realized that wasn’t how I wanted to be.

    Sometimes it helps to literally remove yourself from the low vibe situation. For me and my internet debacle, this meant getting out of my office and regrouping on the couch for a few minutes with my journal where I could lash out on paper. Then I could relieve myself of all that anger and frustration. We’ve also hit pillows in our home as a way to get negativity out. It works.

    Lastly, since life is a series of choices – make another choice! Choose to get out of that mindset, and begin again. I know it’s not easy to be happy when your body is reacting to a frustrating experience with shallow breath or tension in the chest. So start by calming your body. Slow down the breath and focus on that for awhile. This is always a good decision.

    Also get moving. I don’t think there has ever been an instance when exercising did not lift me up to a high vibe.

    How do you live on a high vibe?

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    7 thoughts on “How To Live On A High Vibe”

    1. I’ve made it a routine that I do 30 min of yoga and a few minutes of meditation every morning. Even if I plan on going to a class that day. It starts my day off on a higher vibration.

    2. Girl Gathering Wisdom

      Well life is generally good…especially when one is in a routine. Then shit happens.
      I have a mission to understand the dynamics of aggravation so that when it comes……….and it WILL….I can be prepared.
      Positive energy from a nice day is calm, cool and collected.
      Negative energy from a snag can snowball at warp speed and will behave like a runaway train.
      I live on a high vibe knowing that the next time shit happens I might, just might, be ready to change the course of said negativity train.
      Great topic, Elysha! It is universal and applies to everybody.

    3. Thank you, GGW. And how right you are about the snowball effect of negative energy…it seems to move faster than light! Getting underneath it, with awareness (as you write), is such a smart tool to keep on hand. Because once you know it, you are more prepared to deal with it. And change course.
      So nice to see you here today! ?

    4. I think the secret for me is to be balanced and make choices that are congruent with my integrity. If I get unbalanced, like what I did recently with too much head work, writing essays for end of semester assessments, I will vibe low. I was just writing about it actually, interesting that you wrote about your own low vibe experience. And of course, being balanced for me, is taking the time to nourish my body, my mind, my heart and my spirit.

    5. To take time to nourish mind, body and spirit…that’s high vibe in itself! Balance is key. Thank you, Sara!

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