How To Define Your Own Style Via NYFW

How To Define Your Own Style Via NYFW

Tanya Taylor

The fall fashion shows are in full effect, and to my delight it’s looking like come September — we will be comfortably styled.

Cozy knits and cuddly textures made a major appearance which was a welcome sight for my eyes. Sure, there was tons of black and some super delicately designed ensembles that didn’t really speak to my sensibility, but overall, I felt the clothing was way more wearable — I could totally relate to what they were showing.

In previous seasons, I’d check out the collections and feel completely disconnected — like I’d never be able to wear those pieces — remember this?

So while some of those runway looks confused, I think the ability to discern what works for you is an important step in defining your style. And the fashion shows are a great place to go for inspo. By checking out the collections, you can get some great clarification on your personal style vision.

Ask yourself these questions when looking at an outfit or piece of clothing:

1. Does it fit me?
This is a literal question, as in size + silhouette (which you can’t answer until you try it on.) But also think about how it fits you in style — does the item fit your vision of what you want to say in style? This look from Ulla Johnson fits me 100% — in color palette, texture and vibe. It speaks to me with its casual, comfy and soft appeal. Obviously I won’t know how the fabric looks and feels until I get it on, but overall this is a big yes to fitting my personal style. It looks like me.

2. Does it allow me to be me?
This refers to movability and personal expression. I move around in my life, alot. I bend down to deal with my kids (always cleaning up after them!), and I kick my legs up on my desk while I work. I need pieces that allow me to express freely, and this one by See by Chloé may do just that. The pants seem easy while the sweater says effortlessness. Oh, and it totally meets the above question in fitting me — orange is my fave!

3. Where do you see the outfit or item in your life?
This gets into the practicality of your style. I love love love this look from Sally LaPointe, but when would I wear this? For the school run? At my desk? Traipsing around town shopping? Hmmm… not so much. But if I had an event to attend — like my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah or an anniversary outing — this could be the answer. So, what works for your day to day dressing is a simplified version of your going out style. Your evening style vision gets more drama, more pizazz. Go back to the previous questions on fit and expression to make sure the garment meets those standards. When trying to see it into your life, you can expand the vision — let it be a bit aspirational. Just make sure you can see yourself in the look– is it you?

Now you try with these looks from the fall runways:

Rebecca Taylor

Banana Republic

Norma Kamali


Nicole Miller

Tommy Hilfiger



So, which ones fit into your style vision?
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  1.' SirenaTales says:

    Thanks for the early morning boost, Elysha! I’m totally with you on your three, and especially LOVE the Norma Kamali look–although (probably unlike most people) I would dig it even more in a splashier color or a little bit of pattern or print. Is that a faux fur skirt by Tommy Hilfiger? I could enjoy that look. And thanks for the reminder of #3–too often in the past, I neglected that question or ignored the answer (“I would have no place to wear this”). Bad idea. Thanks again! xoxo

  2. ST, I too prefer color and patterns on my clothing, and tend to always look for that when shopping. It would be fun to brighten up that Norma Kamali look with a bold blue shoe. I loved the sportiness in Tommy Hilfigers collection. Not sure if it’s faux fur on the skirt — but there was definitely a lot of furry looking stuff allover the runways for fall…which is so up my alley! Thanks for chatting fashion with me!! x x

  3.' sara says:

    I like the Rebecca Taylor look. I do love a lairy pant 🙂 plus I love those colours!

  4. At my age, I like comfy casual that allows lots of movement but not frumpy.

  5. Michele, I bet you have great style. Would you mind telling me where your favorite place to shop for clothes is?

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