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How To Essence Your Style

    Authentic style isn't about what you wear, it's how you wear it and move through life. These stylist tips explain how to get to the essence of your style.
    Authentic style isn't about what you wear, it's how you wear it and move through life. These stylist tips explain how to get to the essence of your style.

    You know those little quizzes that try to classify your style? They used to permeate women’s magazines, but now they’re kind of allover the place, thanks to Buzzfeed. Basically, you answer a series of questions based on your personal preferences.

    It could look like this:

    Who is your style icon:

    A: Kate Moss
    B: Michelle Obama
    C: Kate Middleton
    D: Kim Kardashian

    And after going through about 10 or 20 questions like this, you arrive at something like:

    If you answered mostly:

    A’s your style is Bohemian
    B’s your style is Classic
    C’s your style is Ladylike
    D’s your style is Over The Top

    …you get the gist.

    These little quizzes are for-sure a fun way to try and figure out your style, but they just scratch the surface. In order to truly define your style, you’re going to have to dig a lot deeper than that.

    You need to essence it.

    To essence your style, you go beyond your personal preferences in clothing to the core of your being. How does your style connect to the core of your being? Your style is your way of being.

    Have you ever heard someone describe another person by saying Oh, that’s just her style, and she’s not referring to what that person wears, but rather how she is. Like if she always has these extended good byes, and stands on the corner for another 10 minutes past the time she said she was leaving. Or maybe her style is to answer your questions really quickly, and perhaps speak over what you’re saying to finish your sentence. These are all examples of someone’s style, or their way of being, and it’s not clothing related.

    By connecting to the core of your being, you’re getting super clear on who you are, and what you want to say (or do, or wear, or act like). Your style becomes an extension of your total self. Whether it’s deciding which dress to wear, or how you’re going to spend the 25 minutes before the kids get home, the connection to your core being cues you to live with intention rather than by reaction. And you can make better decisions based on who you truly are.

    Here’s how to essence your style:

    Clear Your Mind

    Meditation is the most obvious way to do this, but if that’s not really in your realm then try relaxing into your breath. You could take 5 minutes a day or 5 seconds a day to slow down your thoughts, and pay mind only to the inhales and exhales.

    Still not your thing? Then what about writing in a journal? Use the notebook as your brain dump.

    Another way to get out of your head is to get into your body. Exercise is one of my favorite ways to clear the mind! And of course, yoga.

    Also, listening to someone else’s story…that’s a wonderful opportunity to stop thinking about your own stuff. Put the focus on another, and clear your mind at the same time!

    By keeping a clear mind, your thoughts can’t get in the way of connecting to the core of your being. Obviously, a clear mind all of the time isn’t realistic, but the practice of clearing the mind is something to definitely consider when you’re ready to essence your style.

    Listen To Your Body

    By getting in touch with your body, you’re tapping into a whole host of clues and wisdom coming from your true self. Some surface signs could include things like a strap from your shoe that’s digging into your foot, and causing terrible pain. Or you may notice your knee hurts after you’ve been on the running path for 20 minutes.

    A more subtle sign coming from the body may be a full stomach as you’re reaching for that chocolate chip cookie. Or a tightening in your chest as you’re being asked to do something you don’t want to do.

    The best way to get more connected to your body is to use it –> start moving! And the more you exert yourself physically, the easier it gets to read the signs coming from you body, and ultimately act more in accordance with your total self.

    Show Your Soul

    This one is quite simple. Do stuff that makes you happy! Have you seen this adult coloring trend that’s taking off lately? People do it because it feeds their soul! Same thing with dancing, cuddling with your kids, cooking…the list goes on to all the stuff that lights you up. You know it when you’re doing it because you’re in the zone of no thinking. You’re alive on a high vibe. And this is a sure-fire way to cut straight to the core, be who you are, and essence your style.

    Oh, and, if you still feel like taking one of those little quizzes…take this one to find your on camera style:

    (Photography by Rebecca R Photography, Prop styling by yellow house collective)

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    1. When people’s essence shows in their outer appearance, they’re like a magnet. I love seeing someone who really knows who they are looking like it!

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