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How To Layer For Warmth Without Sacrificing Style

    How To Stay Warm And Still Be Stylish |

    How To Stay Warm And Still Be Stylish |
    While blizzard conditions aren’t exactly fashion friendly, there’s no need to go total polar bear with your look (unless that’s the statement you’re trying to make).

    Here are a few items that can keep you warm and still feel stylish.

    How To Stay Warm And Still Be Stylish |

    Down Undercoat
    I don’t own an 800 fill power down coat so I rely on layers to provide the same level of protection. I bought a thin, down jacket at a sample sale last fall thinking it would be my go-to in 40°-ish temp. When I realized it would wear well underneath many of my other coats, I thought JACKPOT! I get to keep wearing my less warm, wool jackets even when the weather is crazy cold.

    Leg Warmers
    This is my signature winter weather apparel — low in cost, high in value, and super easy to wear. My legs are supremely grateful for the added layer, and I love the look these dancer-drawn accessories provide.

    Thigh High Socks
    This is my secret weapon when leg warmers aren’t working with my outfit. Since I never liked the way tights felt worn underneath pants, these guys do the trick. I pull them all the way up, and then put my pants on top.

    Chunky Scarf
    For a face-mask effect, but in a cute, colorful pattern.

    Tall Boots
    Knee-high boots aren’t so much in my repertoire these days, but thankfully I held onto these from a few years back that I can turn to on days like today. Also, GL is feeling pretty good wearing these, and I feel pretty good knowing her little legs are getting that extra coverage.

    How do you stay warm and stylish this season?

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    6 thoughts on “How To Layer For Warmth Without Sacrificing Style”

    1. Love thigh high socks. Love leg warmers. =)
      You know where I live and I hate chunky coats and jackets. I’m still wearing my summer clothes underneath layers. I wear two pairs of tights, add the leg warmers or knee high socks, and I’ve survived. Scarves are a must, as well as boots. Plus don’t forget your beanie tuque! xox

    2. Oh yes, thigh highs and leg warmers…I don’t go a day without em! The only trouble with all these layers…they’re essential outside, but once I come in I immediately start sweating!! Makes going in and outside a bit uncomfortable. ???? xoxo Hope you’re staying warm!

    3. That’s the beauty of layers, in a way. You peel off each layer depending on where you are. It’s annoying to dress up longer than normal. I’m panting by the time I’m bundled up! 😀

      Oh! And for the boots… folks often go with the latest style or what looks good or what’s cheaper or whatever. I say, invest in a good pair that has good sole traction. We don’t want to be looking good in a pair of boots then slipping or worse, falling right on your tush. Who looks good now?! Lol
      There are lots out there that holds true for winter season. And they need not make you look like you’re going to the Antartica… unless you have plans to… so investing in a pair is a must. Good traction!! They’ll last for many winters with us looking friggin awesome, and not ending up in embarassing moments. =)

    4. So true about having good traction! It’s slippery out there (even with good traction)!! We’re at a balmy 45 today so my layers are coming off!! xoxo

    5. Warm here, too but snowing then changing to freezing rain… she can’t make up her mind lol

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