Let Go Of Clothes You’re Holding On To & Won’t Wear

Let Go Of Clothes You’re Holding On To & Won’t Wear

Stop holding onto clothes you'll never wear text overlay image of hand reaching onto clothing

If you’re holding on to clothes because you’re waiting for the day when you’ll either fit into them better, or you have the perfect occasion to wear them to, you’re holding on for the wrong reasons! Do a closet cleanout and remove all the items you’re not wearing right now. (If you want to read about letting go of  the clothes from your past that no longer serve, click here.)

Stop holding onto clothes you'll never wear text overlay image of arm reaching into rack of clothing.

Holding On Too Long

The point of having a clear, intentional closet is to house only things we love and wear today. Don’t keep stuff that you’ve been holding on to because you’re waiting for the perfect time to wear them. By holding onto these things, you keeping yourself stuck in a holding pattern. And this prevents you from developing into the person you want to be.

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Clearing The Clothes

In the styling tutorial below, I talk about clearing the clothes that you’re holding onto because of a future dream. I also go through the practice of letting go and share two tips for you to try if you’ve got items in your closet that you’re waiting to wear.

Why Your closet is too packed text overlay of image of clothing in closet.

Click play to watch the video, then let me know in the comments: how many things are in your closet today that you’re keeping just in case…whether it’s because you’re waiting to lose weight or have the perfect occasion, I want to know what’s preventing you from letting them go.

Start Putting Together New Outfits Now

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