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Make Space To Look + Feel Great By Letting Go Of The Past

    One of the main things that gets in the way of having an incredible style is not letting go of the past. It’s hard to say goodbye to the person we once were! So we keep the clothes that remind us of our previous selves and the good times we used to have.

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    Holding On To Stuff That Doesn’t Belong

    Whether it’s with the women I work with, or in my own wardrobe, I see a lot of things in the closet that have no business being there! These articles of clothing don’t represent who we are today. Yet still we hold on!

    The garment brings us back to a special era that we now see through rose colored glasses. It could be a baby pink slip dress that was worn through many good times, and we’re afraid that if we let the dress go, the person we were who once wore the dress will also disappear.

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    Letting Go Of The Past

    In this video, I share a story about letting go of my previous identity when I’d go out at night on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I’d wear this particular dress as I was out and about looking for fun.

    Not being able to let go of what no longer serves keeps us from clearing the closet and making space to look and feel great

    Click play to watch the video, to see what it looks like to go through the practice of letting go of the past so you can try it out with something that you’re holding onto from your past.

    Does your wardrobe need a purge? I’m offering a fun + celebratory space to get the job done so you love all your clothes and get rid of the rest. You’re invited!

    Get the details here.

    3 thoughts on “Make Space To Look + Feel Great By Letting Go Of The Past”

    1. Michele Anderson

      So true. I really need to clean out my closet!

    2. Hi Elysha, I stumbled on your webpage and love your advice. I have a difficult time letting go of many things from jeans to shoes in my closet and I am so overwhelmed. I moved from NJ to Florida and my style completely changed but also our financial situation changed. We used to be in a higher income bracket where I have expensive clothing and shoes that I bought at high end boutiques. Part of my difficulty is letting go of those days of dressing in designer clothes and feeling great in them. I am cost conscious now and live in leggings and flip flops and shop Amazon and Target. I don’t love these things or feel great in them but it’s what I can afford. So my mindset is “I will probably never be able to afford these expensive clothing & shoes again, so hold on to them for special occasions or if we move to another state that is more seasonal.” I probably have out of style, outdated clothing. Plus too many designer jeans bootcut and flare. Please help me figure this out. It’s so hard to let go. Thanks!

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