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How To Own Your Look And Wear It To The Max


    Recently, I saw this woman… her boldly printed, hip hugging dress emphasized every one of her curves.  Her heels were spiked for extra emphasis. And her big hair extended into the air creating an aura around her full figured frame. She looked amazing!

    Then I noticed this other lady whose feather tipped jewels dangled far from her body, and her owl-ish specs perched inquisitively off her face. She had on a mismatched ensemble accentuated by bright colors, and a patch-work carry-all filled to the brim. She rocked it!

    What struck me about both women wasn’t the interesting mix they had put together. It was the confidence they exuded from their skin. Though their outfits were definitely unconventional, they emanated real style. These women knew who they were, and wore it to the max. They owned their looks.

    And you can too.

    Here’s how to own your look and wear whatever you want.

    • Get comfortable in your skin.

    That means start moving– whether it’s walking, running or taking an exercise class. Movement is the most direct way to get into your body. Yoga, in particular, is an awesome option to get more connected from the inside out.

    • Have a clear sense of style.

    Experimenting with color and silhouettes can be a great way to figure out what works for you. But more importantly, become familiar with what you love to wear. Don’t put a should in front of your outfit (I should wear this because it’s appropriate.) Only wear what resonates from the inside out.

    • Don’t listen to others.

    There’s a fine between getting advice from friends, and letting it dictate your decisions. Take feedback from others with a grain of salt. Let your true self (and real style) be based on how you feel and what’s your best expression.

    Here’s a little check list to consider before putting something on:

    Does it feel comfortable in fabric, fit and style?
    Does it express who you are?
    Does it make you smile?

    If you can answer yes to all the above, you’re on track towards your real style.

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