How To Style Printed Pants Like A Pro

How To Style Printed Pants Like A Pro

Now that it’s finally spring (YES!), many are turning towards their brighter, patterned pieces to lighten up their looks. And while these colorful clothes can be fun to wear, sometimes they pose a bit of a challenge when trying to pair them with the rest of your outfit.

Here are a few tips on what to pair with patterned pants.

Wear Stripes
Stripes are almost like a neutral in that they pretty much go with anything. A smaller, thinner stripe will wear easier while a bolder, horizontal style will make more of a statement.

Layer For Added Dimension
When going busy on the bottom, you may prefer a simple shirt. In this case, choose a solid color on top, but add a layer underneath to balance the proportion.

Colorpop On Top
Pick one of the colors from your printed pants and put that up top. You’ll end up with a strong outfit that’ll make you look and feel amazing.

Play With Prints On Prints
There are definite limits on how to pair prints. In order to avoid going overboard keep one of the prints tiny in size. For example, a little polka dot looks supercute with a larger floral. Gingham is also usually also a safe bet in mixing prints. In general, if looking at your outfit induces a headache, you’ve gone too far.

Go With A Graphic Tee
Rather than going full on print on print, be a bit more subtle (sort of) and use the imagery of your top to make your best statement.

How do you style your prints?

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  1.' Terre says:

    I usually do a plain with a print. Note stripped (egads! Not my style). Or print with print. But I am the poster child for the WANTED posted for crimes against fashion!!! Comfort is my motto!

  2. Prints on prints can be tricky, and it’s definitely not for everybody. I like to be comfortable too…

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