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How To Transition Back To The Grind With Grace And Ease

    How To Transition Back To The Grind With Grace And Ease | | Mind body Soul Stylist

    How To Transition Back To The Grind With Grace And Ease | | Mind body Soul Stylist
    I’ve never been great at relinquishing the easy breezy attitude of summer. The freedom and relaxed nature of the season just feels so nice. 

    But with school starting there’s no choice…we must get into the swing of earlier mornings, tighter schedules, and an overall sense of structure.

    It was a rough start with this transition as soccer began last week. Completely unprepared, I went straight into the rush hour traffic to get M to his 7pm practice. It was ugly. And stressful. And I was resentful.

    The next day, however, was better. We spent several hours at the beach, playing in the ocean. So when it was time to go to practice we were in good spirits. Our energy was lifted. We were refreshed and ready to resume the schedule.

    I know I’m not alone in the awkwardness that comes from moving through transitions so I pulled together these tips that helped me find my way.

    Here’s how to get back to the grind with more grace and ease.

    Give Yourself Plenty Of Time
    The only thing worse than having to do something you don’t want to do is to be late trying to do it. One trick I use is to tell myself that I must arrive 20 minutes early. This puts me ahead of schedule enabling me to relax a little. Also waking up at least 2o minutes before your alarm in the morning is helpful. And go to sleep earlier at night. Sleep is your friend.

    Find Some Fun In The Routine

    Again, it’s about trying to keep a relaxed attitude. On the soccer commute we play music. M and I discovered this radio show that plays old school hip-hop (Biggie Smalls!) that we got really into. Not only does this distract us from the traffic, we have fun head bobbing on the way. I realize there is little time before school starts in the morning, but can you find an opportunity to lighten up? Perhaps while walking there? Or during breakfast? Any moments you can fill with fun or laughter will go a long way.

    Keep Your Fitness In The Mix
    Although the schedule has cranked up to a level 10, now is not the time to stop your exercise and / or yoga routine! You need to be on top of your game by staying active and energized. Use your workout to invigorate the rest of your life so you feel healthy and ready for whatever shows up.

    How do you maintain grace and ease during the transition into a new cycle of life?

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    2 thoughts on “How To Transition Back To The Grind With Grace And Ease”

    1. Girl Gathering Wisdom

      Great topic, Elysha! I agree with your suggestions!
      I thrive on routine and structure and so I HATE CHANGE!!!! I resent snags, bumps in the road and even changes of the seasons. This resentment was always using up energy. Every few months I was personally angry………at whom you ask……..I don’t know………just at change. I finally figured something out – unexpected changes will happen and I need my strength to get through those. If I think, plan and shop AHEAD of the annual recurring changes I can sometimes make it easier to approach the unavoidable transitions. Also, laughing at my tough stubborn “Stands with a Fist” self helps. (character from Dances with Wolves)

    2. It’s so true, GGW, that a sense of humor will help combat the frustration. When I can lighten up enough to laugh, things look better.

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