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Here’s How To Win The Race (Or At Least Finish)

    So I did my first triathalon last week.

    Ok. Let me re-phrase…
    I was one third of my triathalon team. I rode the bike.

    I’ve never raced before. In fact, I’m not into competitive sports at all. (I’m more of an Om Shanti kind of girl.)
    But I do love bike riding so I figured, why not? I’ll try something new.

    And you know what…it was awesome!

    Here’s why this race was such a success (even though we didn’t win).

    1. I chose my sport well.
    There is no chance I could have swam. I’m very uncomfortable in the water…especially in a lake where there are things that may touch me, and critters mulling around. And the running part…well — I probably could’ve handled that. But I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it the way I LOVE bike riding. For me, biking is fun. So I was really happy while riding through the meadows of Vermont.

    2. I know how to breathe.
    Okay, I realize we all know how to breathe. But breathing while exercising is a different game. Like in swimming…DH just couldn’t get his breathing down. To be a good swimmer, you must know how to breathe. I have no idea how to breathe while in the water, but I do know how to breathe while exercising on land. So when my heart rate soars, I can keep my breath slow and steady. It guided my ride. And helped me sustain my pace.

    3. I got into the competition.
    As mentioned, I don’t do competitive sports. But there are times when competition is healthy. And if there’s any moment to let your competitive streak shine, it’s in a triathalon. When I hopped on my bike, we were in last place. I felt the burn to make up for lost time. So I tapped into my deepest rhythm, hit the metal to the pedal (not really), and set out to pass the few riders I could see in the distance. I transformed into a competitive beast that would slow down for nothing.

    I did manage to pass about four people.

    (Later I found out those four weren’t on a team. They were competing solo, and had just swam a half mile.)

    Regardless, I tried something new. And it felt great.
    Perhaps next time, I do the bike and the run???

    Have you ever done a race, and if yes– what’s your secret to success?

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    4 thoughts on “Here’s How To Win The Race (Or At Least Finish)”

    1. Go the triathlon! Like you, I’m not really into competition – but I can admire those who are for their dedication. I also like the idea of the triathlon team – although maybe a little unfair on the people who were competing solo? 🙂

    2. Being on a team was great — I don’t think I could’ve done it solo. The winners were tallied there was a solo winner and team winner. But overall, it wasn’t very serious…it was at a family resort in VT.

    3. SirenaTales

      Yay you, Elysha–for trying something new and for bringing your whole, inimitable self to it! Rock on, my multitalented friend. Xoxo

    4. It was a lot of fun, and I only strayed slightly from my comfort zone as biking is something I love. Thank you for it all, ST! xoxo

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