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The Inside Out Of Finding The Beat

    Have you ever been to SoulCycle? If yes, then you know how important it is to find the beat of your ride.
    If no, you can read about my experience in the indoor cycling sensation here.

    Basically, the beat to SoulCycle is like the heart of the class. It’s what keeps everyone pumped up through their spin while maintaining the foundation for the collective energy in the room.

    I’m not a regular.
    Or even close.

    I’ve been about a dozen times. And in the bulk of those classes, I was consumed with trying to find the beat.

    My eyes would scope around the room looking for the pros, those who were in sync and in the groove.
    Of course, the lead bounce of the instructor was the first place that caught my attention. Then I’d check out the front row with their tattoos and tattered tees who were also always pulsing on the beat.

    I’d try to match their moves in hopes of simulating their steps.
    But it never happened. And I’d pedal along on my own…slightly off from the rest of the group.

    Well, today, it finally came to me. I realized what I was doing wrong. I was looking at others to try and get on their beat.

    SoulCycle is all about the team ride so it’s a universal beat for the class. And the 4 to the floor playlist makes it even easier to tap into. But the beat comes from inside.

    I was trying too hard, overthinking the whole thing. Put simply, I was getting in my own way.
    When I finally closed my eyes to tune inward…the beat came to me.

    Which brings me to this previous post from early 2013.

    It’s not how you see it.
    museum-girlIt’s how you FEEL it!

    What moved you today?

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