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Fashion Trends That Deserve A Do-Over

    As a personals stylist online who loves her holistic closet cleanout, it’s pretty easy for me to get rid of stuff I no longer wear. The extra space in my wardrobe looks and feels great. Plus I make room for better things to come.

    The only time this doesn’t works out so well is when I get nostalgic for a particular piece that’s back in fashion.

    Like the Darryl K leather pants I had in the 90s. Tight, skinny and low-rise…they were perfection for my 20 something bod. I’m not sure how they’d do on this mother of 2. But it would be fun to have them around.

    Also, the jumpsuit I wore to my 13th birthday party. Pink and grey striped with ruching on the 3/4 length sleeves. So festive. And an amazing jumpsuit still speaks to my style.

    There were also the brown leather motorcycle boots I wore in high school during my rebellious magenta-haired moment. Imagine how distressed and worn-in they’d be now…Sigh.

    The one item that I don’t think deserves a do-over is the Birkenstock. Or Birks, as we all called them back in college. Mine were cocoa suede and went so well with my flow-y skirt and jingling ankle bells. They were the thing to wear while parading through the Dead show parking lot.

    Birks are back in a big way — though now they’re much sleeker with more modern details.
    They’re showing up in magazine editorials along with celebrity fashion.

    I haven’t gotten a new pair. And not because they remind me of the hippy chick days from CA.
    They’re almost too comfortable. I remember how my feet would sink into the footbed creating an imprint that got kind of dirty because they were so easy to slide off… which I did.

    I have friends who swear by them, that they’re the best for trolling around the city.
    Well I guess if I was going to get a pair — these would be do-able.

    But I think I’d be much more comfortable in the Darryl K pants.

    What styles do you see now that you wish you’d never gotten rid of?

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    4 thoughts on “Fashion Trends That Deserve A Do-Over”

    1. I do like the pants you link to~ I have a comphy pair of birks, its been quite a while since I’ve worn them they are just not as go to for me as the useful: Teva Women’s Hurricane. I can wear them boating, hiking, and camping. They stay on my feet for those walk in the water moments and yet still have a hippy happy look I don’t mind wearing if I’m just going to the store. 😀 I am feeling the need to clean out my closet…

    2. Love your blog! I am so glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment. It is strange how much your life and career parallels my own teacher, Mimi Ray. We yogis are truly connected in a way that is sometimes unexplainable and yet so real. Can’t wait to read more! That – and I definitely need daily style input!

    3. Jenny, That’s awesome your life has walk-in-the-water moments! I can’t say that I have those kinds of moments too often (or ever), but regardless, I don’t think Birks would suffice for that situation at all. You’re much better off with your Tevas.

    4. Thank you, Susie! I enjoy your blog as well- I look forward to staying in touch. And I agree that as yogis we are connected… perhaps because we’re all committed to this path!

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