3 Podcasts To Inspire Your Meditation Practice

3 Podcasts To Inspire Your Meditation Practice

Inspiring podcasts can provide the boost you need when you're feeling off track or out of touch with your meditation practice.

Inspiring podcasts can provide the boost you need when you're feeling off track or out of touch with your meditation practice.

How is your meditation practice going? For me, not so much

In the mornings, which is usually my time, I’m either too tired. Or too rushed. Then when I finally do get a moment to sit, my mind starts going nuts. There’s no meditation happening! It’s more like a go through my to-do list and freak out about what’s not getting done.

Can you relate?

It’s times like this – when my practice is lagging – that I have to remind myself to stick with it. When I skip the morning session, I must try again later. Or tomorrow.

And when I do sit, but my mind won’t shut up…I have to keep at it with patience. And acceptance on where I am that day.

Because like learning to play a new instrument, meditation takes practice. The progress comes with consistency.

I’ve found that inspiring podcasts can give me a nice boost when I’ve fallen off track. In addition to guided meditations, I’m loving the life lessons which help get me realigned with what matters.

Here are 3 inspiring podcasts that I’m listening to lately:

Producer’s Pick
From publishing house Sounds True, this is the curated highlights of master conversations edited down to less than 15 mins; perfect when you’re tight on time. This one is with Elena Brower, a NY yoga + meditation instructor.

Tara Brach
Tara is a clinical psychologist and respected Buddhist meditation teacher. Her led meditations serve as a great guide through your practice.

The Slow Home Podcast
Hosted by Aussie, Brooke McAlary, this is a good listen to strengthen your mindfulness practice, which is a nice substitute for when you don’t feel like meditating.

Which inspiring podcasts do you listen to?

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