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3 Reasons Why You’re Not Meditating And How To Overcome Them Now

    It's time to overcome the 3 reasons why you're not meditating. In this video, I'll explain why these reasons aren't legit and how to start meditating now.

    Do you want to meditate because you’ve heard it’ll help you stress less, sleep easier and be a better person overall? But there’s always some reason why you can’t get to it. Maybe it’s because you are freaked about the spiritual aspect that meditation can get associated with. Or maybe your mind is just so damn busy that there’s no way it’ll ever stop thinking. Or maybe you don’t think you have enough time. Well, if these are 3 reasons why you’re not meditating then you’ll want to watch my next video.

    In this video, I go through these three excuses that I often hear from people to hopefully help you realize they aren’t good reasons to keep you from developing a solid meditation routine. I also give suggestions on what you can do today to get started.

    Click play on the video to watch the 3 reasons why you’re not meditating:

    4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You’re Not Meditating And How To Overcome Them Now”

    1. Right on, Elysha. I kept knodding my head as I watched your video. Good point about treating meditation as a practice with five minutes a day. Such baby step makes it bite size and manageable. Love it.

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