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Lessons On Listening From My Kindergartner

    Earlier in the school year, G came home talking about whole body listening.
    It’s this (explained by G):

    Whole Body listening is when you sit down, and keep your hands in your lap.
    You watch Debbie (the teacher) and pay attention.
    You don’t talk and you don’t move.
    You think about what she is saying.

    It’s like whole living and mindfulness wrapped up in one!

    And how great is it that kids are learning this so young?
    But wait–are adults actually doing it?

    We live in a multi-tasking world where people don’t think twice if someone stares at their phone while participating in a conversation.
    I’ll often try to respond to the kids while washing dishes.
    Is it really necessary to listen with the whole body? Aren’t our ears enough?

    I guess that depends on what you’re listening for.

    If you’re listening to learn or connect — then no, our ears aren’t enough.
    See, sound isn’t the only thing there is to listen to.

    I happen to get a very good read on people when we meet, and it has little to do with what they say.
    I gauge their vibe. I pay 100% attention to all they are.

    I guess that’s listening with my whole body.

    Ready to try? With the next person you meet:
    Turn your body towards them.
    Stay still.
    Look with your eyes
    Tune in with your ears
    Think about what you hear.

    Let me know how it goes!

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    2 thoughts on “Lessons On Listening From My Kindergartner”

    1. Brilliant! I have been thinking a lot about “listening” lately since I met a gal who couldn’t let you get a word in edgewise, and when you did she would interrupt you. It was very frustrating. So, I just patiently listened to her realizing that she was just in her head.

    2. To be a good listener is an amazing I’m working on all the time. Thanks so much for your comment!

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