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Fortunately + Unfortunately John + Yoko Still Make Sense

    john -yoko
    Time doesn’t fly…it disappears.
    And fortunately, or unfortunately– you never know what lies around the corner for yourself, and those you love.

    There’s a lot of crazy happening in the world right now.
    So rather than losing yourself to the stress of the scene, take the opportunity to invest yourself into the mini moments that make up your day.
    Do what you can to bring value and meaning into those moments.

    Relationships. Connection. Expression.
    Let these fill your heart and soul.

    Don’t get sucked into the unregulated notifications that trickle in every hour.
    Set boundaries. Be in control of your awareness. Notice where you give your attention.
    Because ultimately, that’s what becomes your life.

    Yoko:-But, in the end I wonder what’s gonna happen
    John:-Unfortunately we don’t know
    Yoko:-Fortunately I’m in love with you
    John:-Unfortunately I’m in love with you too

    Watch the clip from Imagine here

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    4 thoughts on “Fortunately + Unfortunately John + Yoko Still Make Sense”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      This is a brilliant insight. Nobody has a guarantee on the future.

    2. I love John and Yoko – always have. And I agree – we can’t get sucked into the vortex. We just have to pay attention to our own lives and loves, cause that’s all we really have.

    3. Yes, we must keep the focus on what matters. It’s a lot easier said than done…guess that’s why we’ve got our practices. Because ultimately, isn’t that what we’re practicing for?
      It’s always a pleasure reading your comments, Sara — thank you and enjoy the weekend!

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