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Life On Ice

    ice skateM & G have been begging to hit the ice skating rink, so today was the day. Ice skating isn’t my fave…I’m too much of a wimp in the cold, but I’d much rather be in the rink then sitting it out on the sidelines.
    Here’s who else went for an Xmas skate:

    The Wall-Crawlers
    This group shuffles around the edge of the rink, clinging to the side-rail, taking baby steps all the way. They’re not in control of their legs which is why they move at a snail’s pace. Without the wall there would be no ice skating for them.

    The Playin’ It Safe’ers
    These skaters move away from the wall. They’re comfortable on the ice, yet don’t try anything new. They just glide by.

    The Go For The Flow Peeps
    It’s not about experience with this group. They’re out there, in the center of the rink, giving it their all. When they fall, they fall big. But they’re in it to win it…they’re there to have fun.

    The Show Your Soul’ers
    This group is similar to the Go For The Flow Peeps except they’ve mastered the skill of ice skating, and transformed it into an expression of the soul. I love watching them float on ice.

    **Both M & G started as Wall-Crawlers, but eventually graduated to becoming Go For The Flow Peeps. I had my proud mom moment when G says, “It’s good to fall because it means you’re trying.”

    How do you do on the ice skating rink?

    9 thoughts on “Life On Ice”

    1. Love this post! I can’t wait to go ice skating this winter.:) I like to think I’m a Show Your Soul’er. Whenever I’m out on the ice, I feel so free as I glide along. – Donna

    2. Donna, I watch the Show Your Soul’ers with such awe–to find the freedom in such a slippery situation is amazing. And I think it’s that freedom which makes them (you!) so beautiful to watch! xo

    3. SirenaTales

      Ha! Love your nicknames, TT :). Haven’t gone ice skating in quite awhile, but this joyful piece of yours has brought back long ago memories of walking a few blocks to a pond that the neighborhood kids skated on. I had forgotten about that! As a kid, I was much more confident on the ice–in more recent outings I am sad to say I would probably be a Playin’ It Safe’r….It always looks so much easier before one gets out there….thanks for the inspiration and kudos on being such a great mom. Xxox

    4. ST, I was so happy to read your comment– What a great memory of the neighborhood pond….that must’ve been exciting! For the most part– I was a Playin’ It Safe’er…hence the need to liven things up by naming all the others on the rink! xoxo

    5. The Wall-Crawlers were a huge population when we went. Everything was fine until half the rink shut down, and the Wall-Crawlers lost that part of their wall. I’m proud to say my little Wall-Crawler was able to glide by that wall-less section without too much turmoil. Ultimately, that’s what pushed her to Go For The Flow. I hope you have fun today!

    6. Your blogs have always been some kind of reminders or reality checks for me !! This one reminded me of when I went for Ice Skating the first time with my boyfriend. He was so scared haha! But it’s fun. I was in the middle of the rink and he was among the Wall Crawlers. And I was like, “what’s going on ?! :O” lol
      I held his hand and got him in the center of the rink and we skated throughout the rink. We fell with/on each other, laughed and got up. It was so great.
      Thanks for taking me down the memory lane. I feel too nostalgic 😛

    7. That sounds like so much fun! It’s nice when falling can make us feel light with laughter. My daughter and I fell together the other day, and thankfully she came up laughing. (I fell on top of her!) Thanks for sharing here, BhaviB!

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