What You REALLY Must Do To Look AWESOME

What You REALLY Must Do To Look AWESOME

Are you spending $$$$ on your fashion + beauty routine?

That’s totally fine if you are. I’m 100% for an amazing outfit and a solid skincare regime.

But I hope you’re not investing that money into clothing and products thinking that’s all you need to make yourself look AWESOME.

It’s not.

Did you ever see that Billy Crystal SNL character where he said in that funny accent, You Look Marvelous…Β And then… It’s better to look good than to feel good.

Ok, I probably just totally aged myself with that reference, but aside from the 80s tv screen and the big collars, this idea that looking good is better than feeling good is so dated!

I mean, does anyone still think this way?

In order to look AWESOME you must incorporate some wellness into your routine, and since healthy living has gone mainstream – from sound bathing to charcoal toothpaste, taking good care of yourself is totally in! This is great news!

But the even better news is that taking good care of yourself, or living well, is directly related to feeling good.


We all understand how exercise releases endorphins, and gives a good mood boost. But it’s also true that when we exercise regularly, we get more comfortable in our skin. And this impacts how we move through the rest of our lives. We become more confident.

When we work on being more present in our lives, and introduce practices like meditation and yoga, we get tuned in to who we truly are – our self awareness rises which enables us to become more authentic in everything we do. This is how you live as your true self.

I always loved this quote by fashion icon Diana Vreeland

A new dress does not get you anywhere. It’s the life you’re living in the dress.

So it’s how you live your life, really, that creates your style.

And if you want to have amazing style then you better have a life well lived.

Here’s a video that explains the importance of bringing wellness into your life so you live well to look awesome.



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  1. tshen00@gmail.com' terryshen says:

    Feel good to look good, what a great concept, Elysha. By the way, your video demonstrates this awesome point. And it just gets better and better.

  2. ktblenkhorn@gmail.com' candidkay says:

    It’s os refreshing to heara someone focused on a career that ostensibly is about the “outside” of us–who focuses on the inside:). Bravo!

  3. Thank you, Kristine!

  4. What a kind comment. Thank you, Terry.

  5. It all needs to come together doesn’t it. From the inside out.

  6. I love how you break it down so simply. Thank you!

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