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Living Well: How To Tell If You’re On Your Path


    Last week I started to question everything which has brought up some pretty big decisions…the kind that can impact my life immensely.

    So how do I decide what to do? How do I make sure that I’m moving forward on my path?

    Well, for starters, I must remind myself that my path isn’t a straight line. It’s a curvy sucker with twists and turns in all sorts of directions. And while back tracking may seem like a setback, sometimes the familiarity, or comfort zone of re-doing a part of the path is exactly what’s needed to realign with what matters.

    Here are 3 more tips to choosing well:

    1. Do the research, then stay open to what shows up.
    I love researching! Cozying my fingers up to the keyboard to find facts on my situation is one of my favorite things to do. When I’m really ready to learn, it becomes my prime focus (obsession!) until I figure out what’s needed next. Another area of research that I enjoy is the personal interview. Most people love talking about themselves, and slipping into the investigator role is a nice way to put the spotlight on someone else.

    2. See the signs that do show up.
    This is when staying open really comes into play. If my vision gets clouded by judgement I can’t see any of the signs being offered. (Judgement is the opposite of openness, and it can really screw up a plan!) Sometimes the signs are embedded in a person, the messenger. Other times they’re the grease that eases up a situation, or gets you stuck up in complications. When my friend decided it was time to move to the burbs, she found her house on the first go around, sold her old place in a cinch, and won the bidding war. It was smooth sailing that led straight to her new neighborhood. I’ve had times when although I’ve wanted something so badly, circumstances became like molasses that kept slowing me down. When it becomes too difficult to do what you want, it could be your nudge to rethink the decision.

    3. Listen to your body and trust your gut.
    When I speak my truth, or am moving along my path, I feel it in my body… goosebumps on my arms is one way it shows. Tightening in my chest is an indication I need to realign. Quieting down to hear what my body says is a practice. And intuition is like a muscle that grows stronger with practice. When I’m fully connected, the answers are clear. I just need to keep my mind quiet to hear what’s being said.

    How do you know when you’re choosing well?

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    7 thoughts on “Living Well: How To Tell If You’re On Your Path”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      Great topic, Elysha! So important in daily life. I definitely try to do your 3 steps…all equally necessary. Then I might ask myself:
      WHAT IS THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN WITH THIS CHOICE and then I might ask myself: WHAT IS THE BEST THAT CAN HAPPEN WITH THIS CHOICE. There is never a guarantee and so we all take some risk and wing it but if we follow step #3 the odds are in our favor.

    2. Like you Elysha, if something hits up against one obstacle after another, then it’s time to rethink. A feeling of expansiveness and joy will indicate a right choice, and the opposite if I’m heading down the wrong track. I will also research and talk to friends.

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