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What’s A Signature And Can I Make It My Style?

    I’ve been talking a lot about signature styles lately for two reasons:

    1. I’m offering a special to help design yours here. 
    2. I recently worked through a big upgrade on mine!

    But now I’m realizing you may not be clear on what a signature style is, and how it helps you.

    You’re familiar with the icons like Audrey Hepburn and Anna Wintour because they’re famous for their signatures.

    But you’re wondering “How do I make it my style?” Or, “How can a signature work for me?”

    I get it!

    We’re drawn to these cool concepts, but then the reality of making them work for our “real-life wardrobes” feels daunting.

    That’s why I’m going to show you EXACTLY what goes into a signature and how to make it YOUR style. And I’ll use myself as the example so you see how it looks on a real person (and not some iconic personality.)


    The components that go into every signature style are the same. It is the unique combination of these components that make your signature style YOURS.

    These components include:


    This is about the silhouettes and proportions. It’s the shape your clothes make while on your body along with the relationship each style element has with the others. Your signature must be made up of well fitting garments that suit your personality and body shape.


    My approach to color is two-fold. First there are the colors that harmonize with your natural features. Then there are the colors that energize you. Your signature should include colors that do both.

    Signature Pieces

    These are the elements that make your outfit memorable. They’re also the thing that people recognize as being uniquely you. So for example if one of your signature pieces is a head scarf then your friends will see a head scarf in the store and immediately think of you.

    Styling Details

    If the first 3 components are the “WHAT” your signature style is made up of, this one is the “HOW” they all come together. Tops tucked in, cuffed pants, and necklaces worn underneath the neckline are some examples of signature styling details. This is also where your 3 style words, or north star come in to articulate the feel for your signature and convey an aligned message.

    So now you know the components that go into your signature style. It’s time to look at how they all come together into a unique look.


    My style has evolved quite a bit in the past several years. If you started following me back in 2019, you’ll have noticed my obsession with bold prints, particularly florals! 

    My Style Before
    My pre-pandemic style!

    I still love prints, but I’m not mixing them together as much anymore.

    Let’s look at where my signature is now.

    FIT: I look best in shorter, tighter tops with longer and wider bottoms. (The 2/3 on top golden ratio.) I almost always highlight my waist because this is complimentary for my body shape.

    COLORS: Earthy colors with bright accents in red, orange and yellow suit me and make me happy.

    SIGNATURE PIECES: Layered gold necklaces and belts are right for my body and represent my current taste.

    STYLING DETAILS: To achieve the shorter tops, I tuck them in. And I usually wear a monochrome or tonal base then add a pop of my accent colors. My north star is: simplified, creativity with a punch.

    Here’s an outfit archetype of my signature style.

    My Style illustrated in a signature look

    This doesn’t mean all my outfits must look like this. The outfit archetype serves as a template of my signature components which then serve as a foundation for other looks. I can play around with the elements depending on the circumstances of my day or my mood. (Want help desinging YOUR outfit archetypes? Go here to get started!)

    Earthy palette, layers of gold necklaces, top tucked in with belt

    In the look above my signature components are present, but rather than do the wide bottom, I wore shorts. This gave me a long + short proportion which is one of my signature components for summer! I love long sleeves with shorts.

    Now when I shop or get dressed, I simply look for my signature ingredients then build an outfit around them— so much easier! But what’s surprising is that I didn’t need to buy a bunch of new clothes! I just had to look at my existing wardrobe through the lens of my new signature. It was such a fun way to reimagine what I already owned and make my old clothes feel fresh again!

    Your Style, Your Way

    Now it’s your turn.

    What are the signature components that go into your style so you feel current and know that you’re conveying the right message?

    And how will you put it all together so your outfits feel fresh each day, and not like you’re wearing the same old thing?

    If you need help designing your signature style so you confidently put your outfits together and love what you wear, I’m offering a special on the  Signature Style Masterplan (SSMP) .

    This is for you if getting dressed always feels like a burden because you hate your clothes, but you’re not sure what else to wear. In our time together I’ll show you what styles suit your body, taste and lifestyle best so you shop smarter and outfit plan with ease.

    The SSMP is distilled into 2 styling consultations that include:

    • Signature Kick Off Call to lay the foundation for your style
    • Individualized body shape review so you recognize your most complimentary cuts
    • 3 Signature Outfit Archetypes customized to your body shape & lifestyle (and can be used as a templates to plug and play your wardrobe pieces into)
    • Customized Color Palette that plays up your individual features 
    • 3 Signature Piece suggestions to make your outfits more memorable
    • Personalized Styling Board to illustrate your signature looks

    The new understanding you gain about your personal style won’t be outdated in a few months. It won’t fall apart after several washes!

    This style know-how will stay with you for the rest of your life. It’ll re-shape how you get dressed and change the way you see yourself.

    See what Candice said after working with me:

    Go here to get the details about the Signature Style Masterplan!

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