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Is It Ok To Wear Pantyhose?

    People have strong opinions about pantyhose. Some see them as outdated and a symbol of female oppression. But others — including many of my styling clients —love the way a good pair of pantyhose can make them feel more polished and confident, as opposed to going out bare-legged. So what’s a woman to do? Once the weather warms up and we break out our skirts and dresses, you may be asking if it’s still ok to still wear stockings?

    Why Did Pantyhose Go Out Of Style?

    But first, what’s the deal with the controversy that surrounds this accessory?

    In the 70s and 80s, pantyhose were an essential item for any professional outfit. No woman would be caught dead going to work with out them as she’d be considered unprofessional. But times have changed, and workplaces have become more casual, with fewer strict dress codes to follow. As a result, women started ditching their pantyhose in favor of tights or bare legs. And now, pantyhose are seen as a symbol of the past, when women were expected to cover up in the workplace.

    But what if you actually like wearing pantyhose? Or you don’t like how your legs look and feel self conscious without coverage? Are you considered old fashioned for wanting to wear hose?

    I get that noone wants to be seen in an outdated relic from the past. That’s why, I advise my clients who desire the flawless finish of pantyhose to choose sheer tights instead. They are more durable, comfortable, and can provide a natural look, especially if you opt for dernier 8 or lower. My favorite brands are Wolfords, Sheertex, and Falke.

    Alternatively, if you don’t mind playing around with makeup — try Airbrush Legs.

    Are Pantyhose Right For You?

    I’m wearing Wolford’s sheer tights here.

    Deciding what to wear is always a personal decision and you should never feel embarrassed by your choices. (I know many women who feel ashamed that they wear pantyhose!) After having a new dress shortened to a mini length, I opted to wear sheer tights because it felt more comfortable.

    Remember — this is not an all-or-nothing decision. Some occasions and outfits may be more suited for pantyhose or sheer tights while others may be better bare legged. My advice: follow your gut for fashion advice. If it feels good, wear it. If it feels tight or restrictive don’t.

    What’s your take on pantyhose? Tell me below!

    By the way: Colorful tights are currently a major trend! Check out this article on InStyle where I shared my insights on how to wear them.

    5 thoughts on “Is It Ok To Wear Pantyhose?”

    1. Heather

      I don’t like the look of a professional, polished looking suit with bare legs, so I wear panyhose….but open to other options!

    2. I LOVE pantyhose! Sheer or off black … but only in the winter when bare legs are too cold

    3. Mary Ann Bennett

      Great article Elysha, very helpful! I love the polished look of pantyhose, but the durability of sheer tights sounds like the better choice. Thank you for listing your favorite brands. Will check them out!

    4. Bryan Wall

      I absolutely love women who wear pantyhose/tights/stockings. It probably has a lot to due with growing up in the 80s, but they just make a woman so much more feminine, and they make thier legs look amazing! They have come a long way in pantyhose, and if women would only try some of the better quality pantyhose ( Wolford, Cecilia de Rafael and many other brands) they would find that they are not thier grandmother’s pantyhose lol

    5. Rita Denise

      I wear them almost all the time, particularly when dressed up. I think most women, especially after age 40 or so, benefit from covering the flaws of aging legs. I feel it just looks more polished as well. Oh and FYI- I still wear slips, as well (full and half), because they make me feel more comfortable and put-together.

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