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The Key To Keeping Mercury Retrograde From Fogging Up Your Direction

    As we begin another round of Mercury Retrograde, it’s time to wrap the brain around the To-Dos of the transit.

    I try to heed the signs shown by the planets, but sometimes take it too far… letting them dictate my direction.

    The grim forecast of last month’s eclipse had me on the edge of my seat waiting for the floor to fall from underneath me. Each day I checked my email, or answered the phone expecting horrible news. It was as if the transits had taken charge of my perspective.

    This may stem from my (huge) history of seeking out psychics, tarot card readers and yes, astrologers, to tell me what to do next. There was a time in my 20s when a reader was set up on the corner of Avenue A and East 4th street, and I’d ride my bike over there on the regular to ask her about my latest love affair. It was a bit desperate — both the love affair which was clearly on the outs, and my overarching need to constantly pay the woman $20 to break the news.

    I just finished re-reading (a great Mercury retrograde activity!) The Alchemist, the story of a boy who follows his dreams. And though he must see the signs to stay on his path– the messengers who show up to give guidance– ultimately it’s the boy who’s in charge of his destiny.

    Driving your direction is about seeing the signs as they arrive…not seeing things that don’t exist. It’s about paying attention, and discerning which information is useful and what’s irrelevant.

    M has this habit of sparking conversation by asking us things he obviously knows the answer to. It comforts him to hear someone else explain, even though he already has it in his head. Sometimes I’ll hear myself tell M, You already know this.

    Yes, the answers are within.

    So stay in the driver’s seat. See the signs. And decide which ones to follow.
    This is how we get where we need to be.

    For a little more on Mercury Retrograde, I wrote some of the To-Dos here.

    Do you ever allow external forces to dictate your direction?

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    4 thoughts on “The Key To Keeping Mercury Retrograde From Fogging Up Your Direction”

    1. So…I was a born under a Mercury retrograde in Gemini :). So I’m having a little transit! Taurus new moon and Gemini in Mercury, retrograde, means this little moo cow is very happy. I feel totally renewed, like I’m back on track. I hope it lasts!

    2. SirenaTales

      Elysha, So cool-I was just rereading some Paulo Coelho quotes yesterday and recalled that I’ve been meaning to read “The Alchemist,” and now this helpful post of yours. Voila! A good sign to follow :). Also looking forward to checking out your To-Do List. Thanks for this information and guidance…and on a related note, thought of you today when I took a lovely yoga class-the first in many months. Thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

    3. ST, so happy you took yoga this am – thank you for letting me know! The Alchemist is a lovely book — a pretty easy read filled with gems of wisdom. I think you will appreciate the story. Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine! x x

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