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Moving To A Greener Complexion: Cover Up + Eye Shadow

    It was in the comments, on this post, that I first learned of RMS Beauty.
    And once I knew the name, I quickly saw this brand everywhere — in most natural beauty stores / sites, Amazon even J Crew. Make Up artist + Creator Rose Marie Swift has made a non-toxic product line that heals and nourishes skin so the fact it’s caught on so well says something pretty positive about trends towards clean cosmetics.

    There was so much I wanted to try, but her “Un” Cover-Up that’s “formulated to reveal and enhance healthier looking skin…not just cover it up” spoke to me the loudest. Since buying something like this — where skin-color matching is essential– can be a little tricky online, I chose to head over to a local shop for an up close look. The woman who helped me guided me towards 11, a pale shade with a subtle yellow base. She told me it’s not necessary to apply moisturizer beforehand and I could just dab it on my face with my fingers. I get a lot of redness around my nose (broken capillaries) as well as the usual dark circles under my eyes that most moms and women over 35 have. What I love about this product — it feels really nice going on. I’m not a huge coconut oil girl (I know, I’m in the minority here) particularly on my face which can break out, but I think it’s the reason this goes on so smooth. There’s a no make up feel that sits really well in my low maintenance routine. So on those super busy mornings I can apply this with a touch of powder on top, and head out the door. (I usually curl my lashes and wear mascara with a tinted lip balm on those “no make up” days.)

    At the shop I sampled several other things from RMS Beauty, but was seriously investigating an eye shadow update. Back in the day, I used to wear Glitz – a gold-y metallic shade by MAC that used to make my eyes pop. Her Lunar Cream Eyeshadow
    gives a similar effect. Again, it’s got coconut oil so there’s this healing sensation upon application allowing this product to double as both an eye color and cream. My skin is on the oily side so I do experience creasing after a couple hours which is not ideal, but also not such a huge deal because the creases melt away with a gentle pat. Honestly, I’d rather not have the chemical laden shadows seeping into my skin just to get no creases, and that’s not even a guarantee. I chalk it up to a benefits outweighing the risks situation…I love how my eyes look when wearing this eye polish — natural, luminescent and totally fresh.

    Checkout RMS Beauty here.

    Which brand of cover up and eye shadow do you wear?

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