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Fashion Trends From Then To Try Again Now

    Photo: Hans Dukkers
    Photo: Hans Dukkers

    One of my favorite ways to mark a new season is with a shopping spree.
    Not in the total wardrobe overhaul kind of way, just some simple updates to freshen up my look.

    This spring, I’m seeing a lot of styles that feel familiar — as in, I’ve worn these before!
    (Signs of reaching a certain age?)

    But on the bright side, they’re trends I still like so it could be fun to bring them back around once more.

    5 Fashion Trends From Then That I’d Happily Try Again Now

    Love love loved trying these on!
    Love love loved trying these on!

    Busted! My post from last summer went on about how I’d never revisit Birkenstocks. Well, I’ve softened on this stance. Especially if they’re modernized with a gorgeous floral print and sleek hardware –like these so-out-of-my-price-range Givenchys. My next DIY project will be customizing leather for my own variation.

    I think it was in 7th grade when I wore my purple pants with the elasticized hem — a total 80s thing! Perhaps because it lends itself to a sweatpant / sporty chic styling that I still gravitate towards this trend. They’re so comfy! I also love the low-key factor these pants give off — the ultimate in effortless dressing.

    Then there are the pointy toe flats which remind me of elementary school when it was all about MIAs. Currently, my go-to ballet flats are these, but I’ve kind of got my eye on these for a shiny shape up.

    hippy dress
    Though I never got to live in the 60s, I had plenty of opportunities to sport a hippie dress in college. The small southern Cali school I attended was a prime spot to give all those hippie trends a try…style-wise, that is. I’d totally get back into one of these maxi numbers for summer. With such a soft, lightweight feel PLUS a pretty pattern, why not give it a re-do? In college I’d pair a hippie dress with Birks, but now I’d wear my tan, suede boots instead. I’d also probably tailor a touch around the waist for a slightly more fitted silhouette.

    I actually tried this exact pair on, but they were sooooo long, and I couldn’t figure out how to hem without losing all the bottom detail. So reluctantly, I had to pass. These would be perfect for a tall girl, or someone with long legs — which isn’t me, so I’m still on the search for my perfect pair of summer flares.

    Which trends are here now that you wore then and would try again?

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