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Moving To A Greener Complexion: Facial Sunscreen

    Now that the temps are soaring past 80, there are two things to seriously consider: staying on the shady side of the street and keeping coated with a solid sunscreen.

    As my move towards a greener complexion progresses, I’ve been putting off this particular category. I hate sunscreen — often it goes on greasy, leaving my face feeling gross with a sticky residue that sits on my skin. But as we all know, prevention is everything so I’ve had to suck it up, and slather the stuff on.

    My first foray into this territory brought me to the trusted, Juice Beauty SPF 30 Moisturizer I started with the oil free version in pursuit of keeping the breakouts at bay. I went with a moisturizer rather than straight sunscreen because it seemed like the lighter choice.

    It’s been a few months on this product which says a lot since it’s only a 2 oz tube. Upon application, it goes on white. a little pasty. And it smells like fruit loops. But my skin has remained clear – which has made the whiteness and fruity smell bearable. I apply it after cleansing, and follow up with either cover up or tinted moisturizer to tone down the chalky hue. It does the job…good enough.

    Then I discovered much better options were around. While browsing around Blue Mercury (which is like the boutique-y version of Sephora) the knowledgeable sales lady directed me towards Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50.I’ve been a big fan of this brand until I had to swap out some of their products for toxicity issues. With just a simple swath on my wrist, I was sold! This sunscreen goes on super light, rubs in really fast, and leaves no white-face (there’s a universal tint to match all skin tones).

    Oh, it gets even better…according to EWG it scores a mere 3! Yes, that ranking is a teeny bit higher than Juice Beauty which always scores well on the database, but because this product satisfies in so many other areas, I’ll settle for a 3. The remains of my Juice Beauty container will go on my body until it’s time to replenish.

    For the kids, I’ve been using Neutrogena Pure and Free Baby Sunscreen with some hesitation. It’s a little thick, and it takes some time to rub in (which isn’t ideal with impatient kids). But it is available at the drugstore…so a good option if in a pinch.

    A superior selection came to me via one of the soccer moms — Coola Mineral Face SPF 30, which felt light and absorbed quickly. It would be great if drugstores started stocking nontoxic brands. Fortunately, there are good resources for finding better products. Check out this list for safer sunscreens.

    What sunscreen do you use on your face?

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    3 thoughts on “Moving To A Greener Complexion: Facial Sunscreen”

    1. SirenaTales

      Thanks for all of this, Elysha. I had just come across the Juice Beauty option and thought of checking it out, but now that you’ve reminded me about Coola I am going to reorder some of that. My daughter had bought me a Birchbox subscription for a few months, and I received samples of both the sunscreen and lip balm with SPF (15 or 30). Both EXCELLENT. Thanks for doing the legwork on all of this, my friend. Very helpful. xxo

    2. Hi ST! So nice to see you here — thank you! How do you like Birchbox? I was in their store recently, and saw they’ve got a ton of stuff across the board. It seems like having the subscription could be a good way to learn about new products. Great gift idea from your daughter, btw. x x

    3. SirenaTales

      Oh, I didn’t even know they have a store! Yes, the subscription has introduced me to several products, like the Coola items, that I would otherwise not know about–except for your blog :)–especially the ones that I adore and have reordered. The short term subscription was great for me–will try that again. Have a lovely weekend! Xxo

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