Olympians Are The Ultimate In Expression, Not Perfection

Olympians Are The Ultimate In Expression, Not Perfection

I’m still in Iceland, so pulled up this post from the past. Enjoy!

Perfectionism runs deep in my dna.

I don’t send texts with typos. My clothing faces the same direction in my closet. And I’m not satisfied until my to-dos are all Xed off the list.

Does this make me crazy?

And these goals are mostly attainable. What happens when my strive for perfection outreaches my reality?
Like in dance class the other day, what if I got caught up in mastering the moves that were well beyond my ability?

I’d be pretty darn disappointed… in myself.

Which is why I try to keep my practice for expression, not perfection.

In yoga when moving into a pose–rather than pushing for perfection–it comes much easier when my body relaxes, and my breath fills the shape. By following the openings created by my breath, I can find my true expression.

So how do the Olympians do it? Are they’re striving for perfection?

I like to think they’re finding their flow.
The mindbody relaxes into the motion which reveals their ultimate expression.

And that’s what wins the gold.

We’re perfect beings who do things imperfectly– Suzuki Roshi

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