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3 Tips To Help Motivate And Get Stuff Done

    How To Get Stuff Done | | Mind Body Soul Stylist


    How To Get Stuff Done | | Mind Body Soul StylistWhen I manage to get myself to the East River for an early AM run, my day seems to run smoother (plus I always get fun instagrams!). The combo of an increased heart rate and breaking a sweat before 8am gives me an amazing sense of I-Did-It. And apparently this rise and shine exercise mentality is a thing for many because when I arrive at the park by 7:30, it’s fully happening!

    Teams of guys playing soccer, groups of ladies doing Tai-Chi, runners, dog walkers and tennis players are all out and about getting their fitness on. The park is alive with good vibes and motivation!

    Whether it’s a daily exercise routine or simply sitting down to take care of biz, breaking through the dread of the upcoming task can be a big bummer. Here are 3 tips to help you move past that dread.

    3 To-Dos To Help You Get Sh!t done

    1. Wake up earlier.
    I’ll admit that back in July, there was no chance of rise and shine exercise for me. Perhaps it was my need to decompress after the school-year-rush, or it could’ve been the high summer haze hitting me hard. Regardless of the reason — I couldn’t get out of bed before 8. Now that my energy has been restored, I am much more enthusiastic about waking up when my eyes first peek open at 7…especially when I go to sleep earlier the night before.

    2. Put on a pump-up song.
    When M first started playing soccer, DH would make these pump up playlists as their pre-game ritual with 7 Nation Army always leading them off. And remember those images of Michael Phelps sitting by the pool- -headphones on–for his Eminem infused Olympic warm-up? Music is a definite motivator, and quite easy to implement. Check out my Get To It playlist.

    3. Just do it.
    Honestly, most of the time it’s the anticipation that creates the biggest hurdle to getting sh!t done. When we’re at the pediatrician for a yearly visit, M & G have mini panic attacks at the thought of getting a shot. But once it’s over, it becomes clear that it’s not such a big deal. Same thing goes with getting to the desk for homework…I can spend up to 3o minutes trying to convince M it’s time to do his math sheet, and he’ll keep putting it off. As soon as he finally gets started, he’s in it, and gets it done. So rather than get caught up in the dread, push past the anticipation, and just do it.

    How do you motivate to get stuff done?

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    2 thoughts on “3 Tips To Help Motivate And Get Stuff Done”

    1. I have ‘essay resistance’ lol 🙂
      The Way that I get through is to break a big job into little chunks so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. I also set aside a block of time and keep to it, whatever ‘it’ is. Commitment and discipline are big parts of it, as well as keeping the ‘why’ in mind.

    2. I love these techniques, Sara. Especially remembering the why…I try to keep that in mind as well ❤️

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