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Hi, I'm Elysha!

I'm a TV + celeb stylist who helps women express themselves through fashion so they look current, feel confident and stay true to themselves.

I've styled hundreds of women including Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood and Serena Williams. Now my focus is on helping women, like you, update your style with confidence and curate a WOWworthy wardrobe without starting from scratch.

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More About Me

Here's 10 fun facts:

  • 1
    I've lived in NYC since 1994 (always on the Lower East Side!) Before that it was Paris at 22, college in LA, and my childhood was spent in the Washington DC suburbs. 
  • 2
    I learned how to be a stylist on the job. Since I started getting booked on shoots right away, I had to figure out the styling tricks like quick hems and shoe taping while I was working on set. (And stood under the hot lights!)
  • 3
    I'm a certified yoga teacher. The fashion industry tanked around 9/11 so I took a yoga teacher training. After graduating, my evenings were then spent teaching yoga to help my students feel connected to their bodies while my days were spent styling shoots making models look good. I then realized that I must combine my intentions and bring a more holistic approach to styling.
  • 4
    My favorite part of being a stylist is creating outfits. Give me a rack of random items, and I'll mix and match and make amazing ensembles. This is my special talent, and why I get hired. Check out my full fashion stylist portfolio here.
  • 5
    Style has always been about self expression and creativity for me. Clothing and accessories are tools that help project your most inspired self.   
  • 6
    In high school I won the "Most Changed since 10th grade" award. I entered school sporting a perm, and wearing a cheerleader uniform. I graduated as a bleached blonde decked out in all-black and skull buckled boots.
  • 7
    My style is breezy, unexpected and cool. I love mixing prints, wearing track pants with a cashmere sweater and clogs, and a floral head scarf is the solution to my bad hair days.
  • 8
    I met my husband on a yoga retreat on NYE Y2KI had planned to celebrate the millennium in Venezuela, but circumstances brought me to Costa Rica where he was visiting. (No, he doesn't do yoga.)
  • 9
    My mornings are sacred. I wake up at 5:30am to write in my journal and meditate. It's how I maintain a strong connection to myself and stay on track with my purpose.
  • 10
    I'm obsessed with Radiohead, checking Astrology transits (double Aquarius here!) and eating avocado toast for breakfast.
  • 11
    I started experimenting with my style as a teenager. At 13, my science teacher had me stand in the front of the classroom to show off my (totally 80s!) strong-shouldered, purple jumpsuit. By the time I was old enough to drive myself to the mall, my style confidence had blossomed. 

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