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The 3 Steps To Get Dressed With Confidence Using My 6th Sense Styling System

    After being in the fashion industry since the 90s and styling hundreds of people including Tina Fey, Carrie Underwood and Serena Williams — I’ve seen it all when it comes to women feeling self conscious about how they look. I knew I had to develop a long-lasting style system that would solve this problem so that women could get dressed with certainty and be confident in their clothing choices.

    Since 2019, after I pivoted my business from primarily styling commercial shoots to working one-on-one, I’ve been testing my styling system on all my clients.

    It worked!

    No matter where they lived, what they did, or what their body type was — at the end of our sessions—my clients felt certain about their outfits which completely transformed their styles!

    There’s a lot of information out there about “finding your style” and “building a capsule wardrobe”, but I think we can all agree — that information never feels personal. How do you know if it’s right for YOU and will suit your body, taste and life?

    My 3 step styling system to achieve style certainty is for those who want to:

    1. Look like they were born knowing how to dress for their body and the occasion
    2. Have less clothes, but better options to choose from
    3. Be more intentional with their wardrobes and prioritize themselves

    If that’s you, keep reading!

    The 6th Sense Styling System to Get Dressed With Confidence

    Step 1: Wear What You Love

    Have you ever put on an outfit and thought, “This is SO ME!”? It’s energizing and gives you the confidence to get out in the world and go do your thing. This is the essence of authentic style— wearing clothes you love. It’s also key to having more fun with your wardrobe.

    Here’s the deal, your clothing has an expiration date. Most of what you loved and wore before won’t feel the same way when you put it on after a certain amount of time. Our clothes grow outdated!

    I used to love all of these looks. But now when I see them, I think, NO! And If I were to actually wear them, I’d feel off. Because that’s what happens when you wear clothes you don’t love: it makes you uncomfortable. You’re not being true to yourself!

    Think back to the last time you wore something you love. When was it? Do you remember what was special about it? How did you feel wearing it? This is what you want to capture in your outfits today.

    When working with new clients, I usually begin with an outfit review. And what I’ve discovered is that 80% don’t like what they’ve been wearing. The hard truth is that if you don’t like your clothes, you’ll never look good. Because when you’re not happy or comfortable in your outfit, it shows!

    You need to reconnect with your preferences. As our lives change and evolve, our taste does too. So if you’re not keeping current to what you love, you’re missing out on an easy way to be more confident in your clothes. Plus, feeling good in your clothes is essential for looking good.

    Step 2: Refine What Looks Good

    The number one reason women seek my styling help is because they aren’t confident about what looks good on them. Usually this is due to a change in their body shape —what used to fit well no longer does. But since they don’t know what else to try, they keep wearing the same thing. They get stuck in their default outfits even though it’s time to optimize their style to support their new shape.

    I had a client who used to wear a lot of empire, flowy tops and she felt great in them. However, as she started to gain weight in her midsection, those tops were no longer complimentary. When I suggested that she wear more form-fitting pieces to highlight her figure, she was hesitant. She had spent years hiding what she felt was her big stomach. It felt like going against everything she believed to show her shape. But she did it. And when she saw how much better she looked, she realized that she didn’t have to hide anymore.

    Everyone’s body will need different guidelines to look their best. But my grounding principle —highlight don’t hide your shape— applies to most.

    If you’re ready to start highlighting your body and stop hiding, it all starts with understanding your shape. Here’s a complimentary style guide to get you started dressing better for your body

    Once you’re clear on these details, it’s easier to dial in on your best fit, fabrics and [outfit] formulas — which are foundational to looking good.  (If you’re ready to have someone tell you what looks good — go here to book your style statement sessions with me.)

    Step 3: Align With What’s For Now

    If the body change is the biggest reason women come to me for styling help, a change in circumstance is second. Whether it’s a career transition, new workday environment or a move to a new location, the change creates a closet mismatch to their current situation which not only makes it stressful to get dressed, it also gives others the wrong impression.

    It’s like my friend who never moved out of her 350 square foot, 6th floor walk up apartment that she got straight out of college. Although she was a successful business owner, her apartment gave off “college girl vibes” — that’s not who she was anymore!

    I see this with women and their wardrobes. They hold onto old clothes (to dress for their old roles) even when they know things need to change. Like my client who became a partner at her law firm. She got stuck wearing clothes from her “striving years” because a wardrobe upgrade felt too overwhelming for her busy schedule.

    She was weighed down by unanswered questions:

    >>> Should I get a bigger size even though I’m planning to lose weight?

    >>> Which styles will look best?

    >>> What trends should I try? (Or avoid?)

    >>> How do I build an aligned and versatile wardrobe?

    >>>> Where to shop? (Or not to shop?)

    The uncertainty trapped her into wearing the same old clothes. So when she went into a meeting as a partner of the firm, she still looked like she was studying for the bar exam! This not only impacted how others perceived her, it chipped away at her confidence!

    Aligning your clothes with your present day circumstances requires a wardrobe curation and elevation so that your communication is on point!

    6th Sense Style To Get Dressed With Confidence

    As you can see, the 3 steps to dress with confidence are about more than just putting together nice outfits. The 6th Sense Styling System is about building self trust and being in your POWER.




    Because once you have internalized this confidence, you will achieve style certainty which will transform not just how you shop and get dressed…

    But how you see yourself and show up in the world.

    Are you ready to get dressed with confidence? See what others have to say after working with me.

    My personal styling services are designed for midlife women who are getting ready for their next stage in life, but they keep getting stuck on what to wear. I’m here to help you make confident clothing choices so you love how you look and feel incredible in what you wear. Go here to book a complimentary call to discuss how we can work together to help you get show up for your next stage in style!

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