Can I Still Wear Skinny Jeans If They’re Out Of Style?

Can I Still Wear Skinny Jeans If They’re Out Of Style?

There’s a big uproar amidst skinny jean lovers that their beloved silhouette is out of style. And this creates confusion. Especially if you’ve relied on the slim pants for years, and you don’t know what else to wear.

Click play to watch the video where I share the 3 truths you need to know about wearing your skinny jeans. This will set the record straight to help you make a clear decision about your skinny jeans.

Here’s 3 Truths About Skinny Jeans Being Out Of Style

Truth 1

This is not the first time there’s been an uproar about skinny jeans being out of style. I wrote a post back in 2019. And before that in 2016 —when Vogue declared the skinny jean is dead.

If there’s one thing we can predict about fashion — it’s cyclical. Things come. They go. And then they come back again.

But here’s the thing, when you go to the store, you’ll continue to see skinny options. Because this style is here to stay. It’s a staple silhouette, like a straight leg or bootcut. When I click over to trend-driven-fashion-forward site, Shopbop, skinny jeans occupy 3 out of the first 4 jeans shown.

Are skinny jeans the IT style right now? No. Straight and wider legs are having their moment. People who like keeping up with the latest are wearing these silhouettes. 

Truth 2

The outlets telling you that skinny jeans are out of style may not be relevant to you. It started with Gen Z and TikTok. “Don’t side part your hair, use the laughing/ crying emoji or wear skinny jeans,” is what was said. This caught on. That’s why you’re hearing more about it. 

And it’s kicking up your own self doubt. Nobody wants to hear that their beloved is over!

I remember there was a restaurant on the LES that I loved going to. When it first opened it was all the rage. It was impossible to get a table at. But I ended up going multiple times and loved it. Then it changed. According to the food blogs it was no longer a hot spot. But I still went. And there weren’t many others eating there which made me question myself— like why isn’t anyone else here? And what’s wrong with me for still eating here?

The thing is, I never considered myself a foodie or someone who needed to be up on the latest restaurants. So as long as the food still tasted good, I’d eat there! Those foodie sites weren’t relevant to my taste.

So the truth is that skinny jeans may be over for Gen Z, TiKTok and those who agree with them. But does that shape your taste?

Truth 3 

Your personal style is about YOU. So if you’re questioning your skinnies, it’s actually not about the jeans. It’s about your self doubt and lack of confidence. 

I hear from a lot of women who claim they have no style, or don’t know what their style is or what looks good on them. So it’s understandable that they question themselves if they’re wearing the thing others are saying are dated. 

Since your personal style is about discovering what’s right for you, and owning it, you must put your worries aside that others will think you look dated if you’re wearing skinny jeans. Dress for how you want to feel. Not for what others think.

Instead of asking should I still wear my skinnies, a better question to ask is would I still wear my skinnies IF I didn’t hear they were out? If the answer is yes, you’re done. You know what to do.

And if you still don’t know, then ask yourself:

  • Do I love wearing them?
  • Do I feel comfortable in them?
  • Do I have a bunch of outfits that I love wearing that go with them?

It’s true that skinnies are not the most flattering for everybody. And they’re certainly not the most comfortable — they’re tight!

So decide what kind of silhouettes highlight your true beauty. And if skinnies are in that category, wear them!

Looking Beyond Your Skinnies

There’s also nothing wrong with experimenting with different styles. You may still love your skinnies, but why not add some new options into the mix? 

I’m working with a woman right now and we’re switching up her silhouettes. It’s not that she doesn’t love her skinnies, she’s just ready for a change. She wants to try something new. So I’m giving her recommendations based on what’ll suit her style best.

So it’s possible that you’re questioning your skinnies because you too are ready for a change. Regardless of whether skinny jeans are over or not, they may be over for you personally. 

We’ve been through a lot this past year. It’s normal to feel a little rusty in the style department. Especially if you’ve been staying home the whole time. You may feel out of touch with the getting-dressed version of yourself.

So if you do feel uninspired with your clothes and especially coming out of covid, you may feel the need to change things up and create a wardrobe that’s more aligned with who you are (& who you are becoming!), I’ve got something for you!

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I help women over 40 feel unforgettable in their clothes.

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