A Stylist’s Starter Guide To A More Minimal Wardrobe

A Stylist’s Starter Guide To A More Minimal Wardrobe

Intrigued by living with less, and only what brings value, I've moved towards a more minimal wardrobe. Read my stylist tips on why less is really more.

Since last May, I’ve been on a spending freeze which has pushed me towards a more minimal wardrobe. I’m refraining from buying any new clothing or accessories.

I know, it’s like WHAAAT? I’m a stylist. No new clothes? It’s like being a vegan butcher. Do those even exist?

We are doing a renovation ($$$$) which was the impetus to get me to stop shopping. But I’ve also started listening to The Minimalists, and have returned to the Buddhist meditation classes which happened to be centered around attachment, specifically attachment to things.

I’ve become intrigued by this idea of living with less, and living only with what brings value. Not to mention, I get totally stressed out by clutter.

So a spending freeze it is!

Intrigued by living with less, and only what brings value, I've moved towards a more minimal wardrobe. Read my stylist tips on why less is really more.

This means a new season has come (happy summer!), and I bought not one new pair of platform sandals, no printed summer-y dresses, not even a lightweight, drapey tee. NOTHING!

Additionally, this renovation that I mentioned involves our closet (I had to take everything out of it) so I’ve been closet cleansing like a beast…every chance I get I’m clearing out more stuff.

But I am not a minimalist. And I’m certainly no Buddhist monk. I will most definitely return to shopping for clothes again. Albeit, with a fresh perspective.

So while this spending freeze is only temporary (as all in life is 🙏🏼 ), it’s helped me realign with my values of what’s worth buying, and why I’m really shopping. This is what I will share with you today.

What You Can Learn From A More Minimal Wardrobe

Intrigued by living with less, and only what brings value, I've moved towards a more minimal wardrobe. Read my stylist tips on why less is really more.

Shiny New Things Don’t Usually Stay Shiny

As I’ve been going through my wardrobe to clear out for the closet renovation, I’m finding things I bought last summer – an olive green shirt dress, wide-legged white pants, and a pin striped button down top. Last July, I loved these things! They were shiny and new, and they made me feel fresh and happy when I wore them. This year, I haven’t tried them on once. Their shine is gone. Normally, I would’ve piled new shiny things into my closet which cover up all the previous shiny goods. But since this year there’s no new stuff…I’m more apt to see the shine of previous purchases. Unless I can’t really see them in the first place which brings me to the next lesson.

You Probably Already Have Enough Stuff

I have too many clothes. After shopping for seasonal must-haves every few months, my closet is stuffed. And since this summer I haven’t bought any new pieces, I’ve been forced to wear all my previous purchases. And there’s a lot of them. (Hence, I haven’t even gotten to the olive green shirt dress, white wide-legged pants and pin striped button down top.) I know it doesn’t sound very exciting to wear the same old thing, but the truth is I don’t need new clothes. My closet is full. I only need to re-style what I already have for new looks.

You Can Make More From Less

You’ve probably heard talk of the capsule wardrobe. It’s a really cool idea where you pare down to just a certain number of clothes. The funny thing is I usually only wear the same things from my wardrobe each week. So perhaps a capsule wardrobe is in my future, but not yet. I’m a stylist. I get paid to present options, and I’ve become accustomed to having lotsa options in my wardrobe as well. What I am doing, as I already mentioned, is closet cleansing like a beast so the options that I do have…they’re strong! By clearing out what I don’t love (or let’s face it, I don’t even like some of the stuff) I am left with what I do love. It’s not easy getting rid of clothes, there’s usually all sorts of sentiment tied up in each garment. But you may find that when you do let it go, you will feel like you have more than ever since what’s left is what you love. You get more value by having less stuff. Also, I’ve been getting creative with what I do own, finding fresh looks from old stuff by putting them together in new ways. You may be surprised at all the hidden gems lurking in the back of your closet…you just need to clear things out so you can see them.

What do you think about having a more minimal wardrobe?

If you’d like to explore going more minimal with your wardrobe, please consider a Holistic Closet Cleanout which will help you let go of old clothes. I now offer this service virtually so we can work together no matter where you are! (As long as you have an internet connection.) Click here to learn more about my service and how I can help you as a personal stylist online.

And check out what one of my clients recently said about our virtual closet cleanse:

Elysha and I “shopped” through my closet and reinvented my wardrobe – on FaceTime!
I was desperate for a holistic closet cleanout! I had clothes cluttering up my closet that I hadn’t worn for years, and I was struggling whether to throw them out. I had shirts, skirts and pants that I liked, but couldn’t quite figure out how best to wear them. Elysha helped me with all of that. In the clear out, she helped me finally get rid of items that I was having a hard time parting with. We also did a closet shop where she put beautiful outfits together for me that I never would have thought of wearing. She really has an eye for fashion!  I was having so much fun, and I wanted to keep going even after my time had ended! Being on a FaceTime call didn’t effect the quality of our time. It felt like Elysha was right in the room with me. She was so kind and fun to work with. I would highly recommend her, and her awesome closet clear out! 
(Marci Cheary, owner Little Ideas Studio, mother of 2)

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  1. I know, It’s very freeing to have less stuff. Hard to get rid of it, but afterword it’s a very relaxing feeling. I like the, “use it, or lose it,” motto.

  2. Great motto, Michele. I will use it!

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