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Style Tips To Rock Your Party Outfit

    It's time to rock your party outfit! To help your holiday style come together, here's my stylist tips to stand out and feel confident in your clothes.

    The holiday season is here which means it’s time to rock your party outfit! And to help get your holiday style up to speed, I’m sharing my top tips to stand out from the crowd so you enter your event feeling confident and ready to own the room.

    Find Your Party Outfit

    First you’ll want to think about what you’re going to wear. Hopefully you’ve got a few options already in your closet so you don’t have to go out and shop. (If you must shop for something new, make sure to give yourself enough time ahead of the party to nail down your look – you don’t want to invite any last minute “no outfit” stress!)

    Now click play on the video for my styling advice to ensure that what you wear gives you an edge to looking your best.


    And read on for more stylist tips!

    When Black Isn’t The Call For Black Tie

    When DH invited me to attend the Grammys with him several years ago, I immediately went out to shop a new look. It was a black tuxedo suit that I ended up buying because it made me feel chic. And I liked wearing pants- they were comfortable! But as soon as I walked into Radio City Hall for the awards show, I knew I made a bad choice. Wearing all black was not the way to go! I felt small and unnoticeable — like I blended in with the production crew setting up the stage. After that evening, I swore I’d never wear black to a big event again.

    So the tip here is to not wear black! Pick a color, any color that you love and looks good on you. And wear that.

    It's time to rock your party outfit! To help your holiday style come together, here's my stylist tips to stand out and feel confident in your clothes.

    Add In Something Unexpected

    Back to my tuxedo suit, I didn’t think out of the box! I went with total comfort which is fine, but if you want to pop, you need to climb out of your comfort zone. If I could do it again, I’d add in a cool hair piece to make a statement. Or a pair of killer shoes to take the outfit over the top. You can always look out for inspiration and see how others accent their look, but make sure to take the ideas and make them your own.

    Stand Up Tall, Eyes On The Prize

    Don’t forget –  it’s all about your attitude! To stand out, you need to make yourself seen which requires a friendly and outgoing demeanor. Chat with strangers, but keep it genuine and try to always find common interests.

    Whenever I’m at a party, I love engaging others in conversation. I ask them lots of questions to learn everything about who they are and what they do. Sometimes, I do this too a fault, and it keeps me from sharing about myself. Because the truth is, most people love to talk about themselves. They could go on for hours if you let them. This is great for shy or introverted people to engage others with curiosity. Just make sure to let your guard down and share something about yourself to keep it a conversation and not a monologue.

    What are you planning to wear for your upcoming events this month?

    Looking for another fun way to build an amazing outfit? Click here to read my stylist strategy for putting together a new outfit that’ll make you look amazing.

    5 thoughts on “Style Tips To Rock Your Party Outfit”

    1. Pamela Goldman

      I’m going out at night on New Years day…..will be wearing a black t shirt and black jeans but with a shawl that is laced, sequined and navy blue with a statement bracelet.

    2. Pamela Goldman suede Ferragamo, pencil healed booties…will take a picture on Monday when scarf arrives………….and cool bracelet.

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