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Asking This Question Will Help Bring You Peace Of Mind

    Keeping peace of mind is hard to do when life stresses us out. But by asking the right questions to yourself, you can keep the stress away.

    Sometimes – more often than not- sustaining a peace of mind feels like an unattainable reality. When we’re busy in our lives, we get swept away from our centers. We’re tending to all the to-dos which often involve taking care of others, and we stop checking in with ourselves to ensure our lives are progressing down the right path.

    As we’re running around from task to task, our balance gets shaky. We may become easily agitated while we’re losing sight of what truly matters like relationships and connection to self. Because as we’re working to keep up with the lives we’ve created, our priorities shift. We’re no longer focusing on what we valued most. This shifting is a subtle process that occurs over time. We may not even realize it’s happening except we’re not feeling fulfillment nor peace of mind.

    Keeping peace of mind is hard to do when life stresses us out. But by asking the right questions to yourself, you can keep the stress away.

    Practice For Peace Of Mind

    In order to keep from drifting too far from my priorities, the things that REALLY matter to me, it’s imperative to have a set of practices in place. These practices serve both as reminders of what’s important, and they bring me back to my center.

    The thing is, when I’m really busy with life I don’t prioritize the practices. My value system gets restructured to prioritize the things that I think are important because maybe they’ll earn me money. Or give me good PR. But what’s really important – my relationships and connection to self –  they slide down to less important status. They get put on the back burner, if you will.

    Keeping peace of mind is hard to do when life stresses us out. But by asking the right questions to yourself, you can keep the stress away.

    See Life More Clearly

    It’s not easy to keep a clear perspective when we’re caught up in our lives. It’s like if you were living inside a rainbow, you’d never be able to see the full spectrum of ROYGBIV. You’d only see red. Or yellow. Or where ever you’re sitting. Because when we’re fully in our lives, it’s tough to see the whole scope. By engaging in a set of practices that keep you awake to all the colors that make up your life, everything becomes more apparent.

    The other thing about having a set of practices to keep you grounded is they help with decision making. When we’re caught up and not seeing clearly, our decisions may not be aligned with our priorities. It’s a lot easier to react to a stressful situation with a knee-jerking response.  For example, if someone shoves me while I’m getting on the train, my knee jerk response might be “Ouch you a$$hole!” This isn’t really a reflection of my best self. And it certainly isn’t going to encourage best self behavior from anyone around me including the shover. A more appropriate response may call on my compassion.

    A Simple Practice To Try

    In the video below, I share a simple practice – it’s actually just a question to ask yourself – that can help you continue down the path of what matters most to you. This way you’re not escalating a stressful situation, but rather responding in a way that helps sustain  your peace of mind.

    What tips or techniques help you live according to what matters most and sustain a peaceful mind?

    Please share in the comments below!

    4 thoughts on “Asking This Question Will Help Bring You Peace Of Mind”

    1. Very true Elysha. You have really hit this right on. In the past I was always out of balance and everything in my life went wrong. It’s just amazing how when you become mindful and have a set practice of whatever works for you how much happier you are and at peace with yourself. I love your simple practice. Most of the time when I use something like that I either find myself reacting with a sense of humor or feeling kindness toward the situation or person.

    2. Pamela J Goldman

      I’ve noticed recently a lot of buzz around self-compassion. Most of us are so hard on ourselves. The inner critic can overwhelm us. We barely have a solid modicum of true self-confidence. Elysha, you are so helpful. I applaud the fact that you have the courage to send your messages out to help others. keep up the good work!

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