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Pop Music Is Looking Better


    GL declared she wants to be a singer.

    I catch her in the living room, microphone in hand, belting out the lyrics to Let It Go. She doesn’t know I’m watching when I witness her fully coming into her own. With passion and individuality, she expresses her soul.

    It’s mesmerizing to watch someone (particularly my daughter!) click into their power.

    Last week, I saw it on a bigger stage when I accompanied DH to see Joywave, who opened for Betty Who.

    It took just 2 seconds for me to be enthralled.

    By giving 500% of herself to the performance, Betty’s dynamic presence immediately filled the sold out room. Her fans held onto (and sang along with) every word. She had me (not a pop music buff) captivated by her every move. It was awesome to see someone so connected to their power– using it to raise the energy of the crowd and spread joy.

    Another cool thing– Betty Who doesn’t look like a typical pop star. She’s blonde — like Gwen Stefani and Pink, but she doesn’t have the Katy Perry or Beyoncé body. She’s 6’1″!

    I shared (this video) with GL. She likes her singing (and her earrings). I like that there’s an authenticity bursting from the performance. It feels connected to her soul.

    If this is what pop music looks like — then I say go for it, GL.

    Which pop stars do you think have an authentic performance?

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    4 thoughts on “Pop Music Is Looking Better”

    1. girlgatheringwisdom

      Singing is such a wonderful way to express oneself. I know that I am in a good place when I find myself singing while driving.
      I would check out Michael Franti’s song Life Is Better With You.

    2. GGW, it’s so true that singing is a great way to express. I listened to Better With You– thank you for the recommendation! Michael Franti’s music has a great message…He’s been on Oprah!

    3. Hey, I love Franti too – although I don’t know if I would call him a pop singer! My kids are learning a dance at school tonTaylor Swift’s new song Shake It Off. I don’t really do pop music either, but I thought it was a great choice – and I liked the video too – lots of dancing

    4. Haha, Shake It Off is making the rounds in our place as well. It’s kind of crazy when you think about Taylor Swift as a country girl…she is such a pop star now! We haven’t seen the video yet– will have to check it out– thank you!

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