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Practice Practice Practice

    So– 10,000 hours of practice to mastery?

    Here’s what I practice pretty regularly…


    …not sure if mastery actually exists with these.
    But I do notice the more energy I put towards something…the more it grows.

    What’s your practice?

    13 thoughts on “Practice Practice Practice”

    1. Intuitive listening — that’s good! I’m adding it to my list too. Always Love reading your comments!! ThankYou Xoxo

    2. Hmmm – I’m not sure if learning to pace myself on the run is mastery.  Yoga headstand I want to actually move up into a full handstand.  And I’m in the process of learning to master and control recent panic attacks.

    3. Maybe we just keep practicing to get better.. Do you practice deep breathing for the panic attacks?

    4. SirenaTales

      Oooo, what a great question for me to contemplate as I drive to dance class (75 minutes each way…plenty of time to focus :)). Love your list–your writing evidences that you’re an expert your list–yay you! Especially love the”vulnerability” and “empathy” items–so challenging. For starters for me: dance and movement; cultivating senses of beauty and possibility; positivity; writing; enthusiasm; parenting; listening, including intuitively. Wow–I realize I gotta whole lotta practicing to do! Thanks for the ongoing inspiration, TT. You rock my world. xoxo

    5. I have a womens group I linked up with and the information on how to deal with the panic attacks was amazing. I try deep breathing sometimes it makes it worse, its like I can’t shut my brain the heck up. I’ll post on it shortly, finishing that one up. Hugs to you and a very happy Thanksgiving!

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